Ezra J – Four Months

Ezra has reached four months and he might even more adorable.  He is a charmer and has a smile that just melts your heart.

If it were possible, Ezra would be sitting solo and on the move. Balance seems to be his hurdle to overcome.

However, Ezra doesn’t let that stop him and is on a roll. Literally. The child loves to roll. I had to put everyone on “Lego Alert”.  We have to be extra careful with leaving items on the floor since little hands have a greater reach now.

Ezra loves his blankets, cuddles, and music. He always wants to be the main attraction. From the sounds he makes, I think we have another big talker on the way!

Happy Four Months, Ezra!


My Armchair and New Reads

With five book devourers in my home (well, six if I toss myself in the mix), I am always on the look out for good reads. While there is nothing quite like an old book….at times books can become dear friends…..we don’t snub our noses at new books on the shelf.

This year I decided to join in with Hope is the Word for Armchair Cybils.

What is Armchair Cybils? Good question.  Cybil Awards recognize children’s and young adult authors and illustrators. You can find out more information at About the Cybil Awards.

Each year, after nominations have been made, Hope is the Word hosts the Armchair Cybils. Pick from the nominated books in the various categories. Read however many you can or want to read. Then share about them on your blog.

Not only will this help me find a few new reads for my kiddos but it forces/encourages/inspires me to make time to read for myself. I love finding a good read, don’t you?

Where will I begin? It just happens that I have already read a few nominations this year. I feel a bit ahead of the game. Now to see what my library has available to keep this endeavor budget friendly!


Birds and Grasshoppers

Fresh air. Sunshine. Cool breeze. I am trying to be more diligent at making sure the children have plenty of time outdoors. I can easily get wrapped up in checking off the list and push the great outdoors to the bottom of the list.

Kids need to run, climb, and skip. Exploring, imaging, creating outside is a beautiful and important job for kiddos. Enjoying creation helps them appreciate the awesomeness of our Creator.

We have enjoyed catching grasshoppers. Ok, they enjoyed it. There are still aspects of nature I appreciate from a distant. Bugs is one of those aspects. However, my little ones were enchanted with this gentle grasshopper that willingly sat in their hands. Mr. Grasshopper seemed to be in the mood for a bit of conversation.

Another afternoon, birds, really cute birds, made a nest in my front yard. It was fun to watch them work together and play together. I love seeing Hannah take a leadership role and helping the younger ones out. The birdies slept, ate, and had a bit of exercise.

So a reminder to you and to me….step outside. Take a deep breath. Take a walk with the kiddos. Join in with jumping rope. (They will love it and they will laugh. They will be amazed at your jumping skills.) Jump in a pile of leaves. Watch a snail parade. (Warning: it is a slow procession.) Let them run in the rain and if you dare, join in.