If the shoe fits…

Mary loves shoes. I am constantly finding her walking around in my shoes (which almost fit her, by the way) and especially my boots. The girl can’t resist a pair of shoes.

When we were house sitting several days ago, she gave into shoe temptation again.

The family kept rubber boots on the back steps. While watering the tomato plants, Mary couldn’t resist slipping on a pair. However, she was hot, barefoot and the boots were apparently not her size.

When it was time for her to come in, she couldn’t get the boots off. Hold on. I must have another fit of giggles…..

I heard her cries for help. As soon as I saw the problem, I ran and grabbed the camera. She was so happy about that.

Breaks your heart, doesn’t it? At least she was color coordinated.


Poor Mary. Just makes me want to hug her. But look. Here comes her rescuer. Caleb handed me Sam and helped Mary pull the boots off. I really should find the girl a pair of boots.

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