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Are you planning a long family road trip? Do you know another family who is? I have a wonderful resource to share with you!

Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others is an e-book from The Old Schoolhouse. It is a wonderful resource to have to help you share the love with your family and others.

Have you ever had a long road trip with a 3 year old? How about one with a 3 year old, a 5 year old, a toddler and a newborn? Oh, yes, you know what I’m talking about! Travel Kits will help make those long road trips a bit more fun for the family.

The idea of Travel Kits is to gather items, from coloring books to card games to funny glasses, wrap or package them in a fun way and give them to a family or your own when beginning a long trip. Or hey, even going to the doctor. Ever been in a waiting room long?

On the road trip every day the family, as a whole or individually, are given something to open and enjoy. If the road trip is shorter, you could have something to open every hour or at each stop. On a doctor’s visit, the “kits” maybe just be one or two things. A little something to help pass the time and keep hands busy and happy.

Travel Kits are not limited to your own family or even to children. You can prepare a travel kit for the college bound student who might need a little something each day as they adjust to being away from family, or maybe your sweet neighbor is going to be in the hospital for a bit. It could be your 6 year old is down with the flu. What a wonderful way to bless them with a “kit” to make these times a bit brighter.

Travel Kits is a thorough resource. Not only does it share the wonderful idea of these kits but it shares how and what to use. The e-book helps you to think about where the travel kit will be small car or big car? A family with older children or younger children? What to put into the kit for a girl or a boy?

It gives suggestion on presentation and packaging. This is one area I always need help in! There are so many ideas given on different items to include; edibles, books, recordings, games etc. Please note that many of the items mention can be pick up inexpensively at your local dollar store. Blessing others does not have to break the bank!

I found Travel Kits from The Old Schoolhouse to be a fabulous resource. I am thinking of so many ways to use this. I know my children would have a great time putting one together for others.

You can purchase the Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others  e-book from the The Old Schoolhouse Store and download it for only $12.45.

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