Seven years and nine months

Today we celebrated seven years and nine months of smiles and laughter.

Lydia turned seven today!! Wow!

And she was thrilled that on her birthday, Sam was exactly 9 months old.

We only half celebrated these wonderful milestones today. Breakfast was homemade cinnamon rolls using Mrs. L’s yummy recipe; also some delicious brownies for a dessert at dinner to help make the day a bit more special. The official birthday dinner and cake will be served on Friday evening. She was also blessed to receive birthday wishes and song at our church’s prayer meeting.

Lydia Lu is such a sweet blessing in our home; her tender heart, her giggles and her contentment in the little things. She came into this world by an emergency c-section and we were so thankful that her life was spared. I can’t imagine not having my little red head brightening my day with her twinkling eyes and smiles. I love to watch her with Sam. She is a wonderful big sister; always willing to hold him even when he is Mr. Grumpy.

Happy Birthday, LuLu!!!!

Lydia and Hannah played most of the days with the Legos; building houses and people. That is what they were doing when I took the above photo. Lydia grabbed Hannah and said, “Take this picture.”

Big Sister. She’s a pro.

And Mr. 9 Month old spent his day trying to find every little choking hazard within his reach…

Thankfully he was distracted by some quality literature.

Until he spotted the camera…

2 thoughts on “Seven years and nine months

  1. I just love Lydia Lu!! Her red head, bright eyes and smiles make our days here better too! Thank you for posting these. They are all so sweet…and I can’t wait to see Sam’s pictures in a few more months. 🙂

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