Moments with the little ones

On Wednesday and Sunday evenings, we have found that it is better for me to stay home and put the two little ones to bed while everyone else goes to prayer/Bible study. Although I miss joining with our church family, I enjoy these quiet moments with Sarah and Sam. I often forget what life was like when I had just one or two little ones to chase after.

Our evenings are simple with just the three of us. This past Sunday evening, she made pictures for her daddy with crayons and stickers. She has developed quite the love of stickers. When I told her she was going to bed when her stickers were gone she said so sweetly, “Otay.” We are still working on “yes, ma’am”.

And Mr. Cuteness was content to crawl around and find every piece of paper on the floor. Can you believe he is 10mths old?!?!?!?


Can you tell someone had a bit of a runny nose going on? He loves this little dollhouse. It is the perfect height for him to hold on to and cruise around.

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  1. That’s how we do it here as well. Clay takes the olders to Bible Study on Wednesday while I stay home with the little ones. While I truly miss doing Bible Study at church the time with just the littles each week is special.

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