Yes, they are mine

It can be so amazing to look at some of my children and clearly see how much they look like their father or me. How wonderful that God creates us in such a way! (I’d love to post a photo to show you but I’m not on my computer so you will just have to use your imagination. Go ahead. It’s good for you.)

What I find delightful is how so they can also resemble us in behavior. I don’t mean yelling and screaming when the chocolate runs out. I mean those little quirks we don’t even realize we have.

The other night Caleb was holding Sam. It was in the evening and Sam was getting fussy. He really wanted me but I really wanted to eat my food with a fork and with my dominant hand and while it was still hot. I know; I’m picky. Eddie suggests that Caleb give Sam his pacifier. So while carrying a now screaming Sam around, Caleb is diligently trying to find the pacifier. I mentioned that Sam had the pacifier when I gave him to Caleb. Caleb begins circling the table to see where it dropped and the girls are looking around their chairs and under the table.

As I glance at them I see the pacifier. Attached to Sam’s shirt by those handy dandy pacifier ribbon holder thingies so the paci stays with baby. I said, “um, Caleb, it is hanging off his shirt.” “Oh, yeah >insert laugh< there it is". Yep. Just like his momma. Same night. I am not kidding. The very same night all the kiddos are sent off to bed. After about 20 minutes or so, Mary comes walking down the hallway to go to the bathroom. Why? I asked her what she was doing. She replied, "Well, I was in bed and suddenly realized that I forgot to put on my pajamas." We both had a little chuckle. Hello, my twin. I thought that would be the end of this post. However, I just have to share our trip to Wal-Mart. It was raining. We decided all needed to go to Wal-Mart with Eddie for one item. As we walk across the parking lot, I am bringing up the rear while Eddie leads the tribe in. Right as we get to the pedestrian crossing, Mary slips on the pavement and barely saves herself from falling. No sooner has she righted herself, Caleb's shoe decides to hang in the parking lot while Caleb continues to the store. I wait with Caleb while he struggles to get the flip flop back on. Yes, my children were wearing flip flops in the rain. I'm just thankful they were wearing a form of a shoe, folks. Eddie is clueless on our struggles to get across the parking lot and into the store. He is trudging onward with Sarah and Hannah. Just as soon as they cross over the threshold, Hannah slips and hits the floor. Eddie keeps walking to get a plastic bag for the wet umbrella. Hannah is laughing and calling for Eddie but he doesn't hear her. After I grab a cart, I said you missed all the fun. He was like, "Huh? What?" We had a good laugh as I filled him in; especially about Hannah. Did the fun stop there? Oh no. As we were returning to the van, about halfway across the parking lot, Bekah's flip flops broke. Yep. They're mine. I love it.

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