The Birthday Boys

November is a busy month of birthdays for the Tribe.

Some of us were a bit excited. All of our boys’ birthday fall in November. Sam’s was on the 11th and Caleb’s was the 12th.

They were happy to share a cake. One of the girls put together a quick bit of decorating. Sam turned one and Caleb turned 9. Wow. I am so blessed by my boys.

A simple cake. A simple celebration. Lots of laughter and fun. A perfect birthday celebration.

Someone even got a birthday haircut. Looking good at 9.

Enjoying every bite of his first birthday cake.

Happy Birthday to my boys!!!!

One thought on “The Birthday Boys

  1. Aww…what cuties! Sam reminds me of Little Caleb in the picture of him suckng the chocolate off his fingers. I see Nana made the blog in the background! LOL Can’t wait to see yall!

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