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Positive Action for Christ provides Bible curriculum for Christian schools and churches. Although designed for a group setting, the curriculum is very adaptable to a homeschool setting.

Winning the Race is the 6th grade Bible curriculum. In this level of the curriculum, as students learn about Bible persons and go through an overview of Revelation, they will learn how God’s Word enables them to have victory in life. The course is broken down into 35 weeks. They give suggestions on how to cover the material in a 5-day week, 4-day week and a 3-day week.

The program encourages scripture memory, hymn/chorus singing, Bible reading and discussion. Each lesson has vocabulary that might be new to your student. Commentary and questions aid in discussion and understanding of the text.

The student has a manual that gives him the vocabulary, Scripture reading and questions. The student’s manual also includes some brief commentary. The teacher’s manual contains the bulk of the information. Along with the answers to questions, the teacher’s manual includes additional commentary and discussion helps. It gives ideas to help you expand the lesson and get to the meat of the Scripture.

Hymns and choruses are given for each “month” of the study. It is a wonderful addition to this study. Positive Action for Christ offers a CD that can be purchased with the music. However, the lyrics are provided in the back of the teacher’s manual so the CD is not required to enjoy this part of the study.(The CD was not provided as a part of this review so I cannot speak directly to its contents.)

The teacher’s manual also provides a report sheet to keep track of your student’s success in Scripture memory; so important to hide God’s Word in our heart!

All homeschool families are different and approach the education of their children in a multitude of ways. A beautiful thing! In our family, with 7 children, I like to bring us together when I’m able. Running the Race is easily adapted to work with a varied age span. We can all come together to sing and learn the Memory Scripture. Together we can read the main text and discuss what it means and how it applies to us. After our group discussion, the older student can take their manual and complete the questions and worksheets provided. Younger children can narrate to you what they have learned; telling, writing or drawing it back to you. Each day you can grow together in your understanding of the Word.

Since the bulk of the curriculum is contained in the teacher’s manual, this would not be considered an independent study course. However, teacher prep is minimal as Positive Action for Christ provides all you need. Prepare yourself with reading the Scripture beforehand and praying for your time with your students and you are ready to win the race.

I would like to share that my 6th grade student did not care for the presentation of the student manual. The pictures in the text are very “cartoonish” and she felt as a 6th grade curriculum it needed a more mature look. I agree with her. I think by this age our children don’t need such drawings to engage them. They are ready to dig deep and focus on the Scripture. We would both have preferred a more mature design.

Positive Action for Christ provides Bible curriculum from elementary to high school. If you would like to view Running the Race you can download a free sample. Other levels provided free download samples as well.

Positive Action for Christ Running the Race 6th Grade:

Teacher’s Manual – $33.95

Student’s Manual – $12.95

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**Disclaimer – As a member of TOS Homeschool Crew, I was provided with a complimentary copy of this product to review. All thought and opinions given are my own.

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