Popsicle stick no longer needed!

It has been a few years ago…ok, it has been more than a few but I remember it clearly. I loved my kindergarten class. There was an old bench car seat as you walked it. Mrs. Scott was my teacher’s name; the assistant was Mrs. Whaley. I remember taking rest time on a bath towel brought from home. I remember the rocking chair that Mrs. Scott sat in during reading time. I also remember getting in trouble with my popsicle stick.

As the class would take turns reading our Dick and Jane style books, we had a popsicle stick to keep us on the correct line. I knew how to read. I was a fast reader. I was bored listening to other children read so slowly. Instead of keeping the stick on its long side under the whole line, I took the tip of the stick and tapped for each word. The teacher corrected me and had me hold it correctly. I was mortified. And I didn’t do it again.

I have a few young readers in my home and we don’t use a popsicle stick. We use an index card or a piece of torn contruction paper or a ruler or whatever we find close by. Shameful, isn’t it? However, they need it to keep themselves in the right spot.

But you know what happens, right? They want to see how much more they have to read before the torture, um, I mean phonics lessons is over. They want to see that they are almost done. They want to see if the exciting story about the doll’s pink bunk bed will ever end. And what happens? They lose which line they were actually reading. Mmhmmm.

I have older children in my home who are almost certified speed readers. So thankful for my library card! However, I often find that during Bible reading that they have a piece of paper to keep them on track. Having the words so small and close together can be tough on the eyes sometimes and we lose our place.

This was the scene of the past. We have tossed the index card, the folded up piece of paper and the construction paper scrap. We now have See-n-Read and it is  a wonderful tool that many in our home are getting the benefit of.

What is See-n-Read? See -n-Read  is a reading tool that helps the reader see and focus on what they are reading.

See-n-Read provides a clear reference point to focus on and it is surrounded by a non-glare tinted transparent finish that helps readers to focus on manageable “chunks” of information in each line of text.

The See-n-Read is flexible material and so easy to use for young and old. Everyone in our home, from parents to our youngest reader, has enjoyed using the See-n-Read! It has helped our youngest to stay on track during her phonics lessons and not get overwhelmed with “how much is left”. Through the non-glare transparent finish, she can see exactly how much is ahead of her but stay focused on the current text.  My older daughter enjoys using it during grammar. While she is a fluent, above grade, reader, she has  habit of jumping ahead in the text while she reads. In her grammar lesson, this is not a good thing. She has been using See-n-Read to help her focus on the new skills being presented in her lesson. All of my older children have grabbed the See-n-Read for Bible reading. When I have wanted to use it, I have had to go and find out who had it stashed in a book. See-n-Read is also available in two sizes; 5.5 ” x 3″ and 8.5″ x 3″ .

Did you know that the See-n-Read can be even better? Yes! They have  a version called the Memory Mark Series. It is recommended for grades 4 and up. What makes the Memory Mark different? The clear line on the See-n-Read is now a cut out opening. This allows the reader to highlight, underline and make notes on the text they are reading and not worry about losing their place. It is also great for workbooks, tests, and notes.

See-n-Read has taken it a step further and has the eSee-n-Read; it is an electronic version of See-n-Read for your PC.  My girls read several books for history online. They both would prefer not to. Why? They lose their place easily and it hurts their eyes. How excited I was to get to review eSee-n-Read! You can customize it to the size you need on any document or program you are using. It helps tremendously with the glare and eye strain that you can feel when reading online. It made a huge difference in not losing your place when reading. I simply scrolled and the text I needed to read, scrolled right into the clear view line.

See-n-Read is a wonderful tool for any reader. Interested in picking up one or two for your family?

See-n-Read starts at only $2.99 for one but packages are available.

Memory Mark Series starts at only $2.99 and also has packages for purchase.

Such a great price for an amazing tool!

I was shocked at the great price on the eSee-n-Read. $29.99. Not bad! It is currently only available for Windows but they will have a Mac version out soon. You can also get a multi-user license if needed.  Want to give the eSee-n-Read a try? You can download a free 7-day trial!

See-n-Read definitely get two thumbs up from the Tribe!

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Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Crew, I received a complimentary copy of this product for review. No other compensation was made.

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