Did you hear my children screaming?

We had a long day out running errands. Naturally this means the first thing I do when we get home is to start laundry. As I walk out of the laundry room, I see Sam walking.

YES, WALKING! Finally! The other children came running and they were laughing and cheering and jumping and screaming. Sam enjoyed every moment as only a baby of the family can.

All my babies were walking by a year; Sam was the first to break the tradition. A few older siblings were very concerned at this delay. Needless to say, all evening they have been forcing the poor boy to walk. I had no part in that, of course. >>whistles innocently<<

It is one of those joys I delight in. The love all these precious kiddos share. Yes, it can be frustrating when Sam decides to attack you great Lego creation ever. Or maybe he wants to sit on top of the book you are reading. He just might cry at 2:13 am and wake you up. You love him anyway. You love making him smile and laugh. There is nothing better than his goofy faces at the table. I love every minute of it!

I don’t think any children have ever been so excited to see a baby walking.Many hugs and thanks to Aunt Chris for blessing us with the video camera.

Disclaimer: Photobucket links to other videos after my video plays through. I have not viewed any of them and recommend you avoid them as well.

2 thoughts on “Did you hear my children screaming?

  1. Aww…so COOL to be able to “see” a few minutes of your day. Thanks for sharing…we love seeing the videos. Glad you are enjoying the video camera…I AM SO LOVING IT! Congrats to Sam!

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