Ten Marks – a review

For the past several weeks, two of my children have had the opportunity to utilize an online math program; Ten Marks.


Ten Marks is an online math program designed to help students learn, refresh and master their math concepts.  The program and lessons are personalized to meet your child’s needs. You can choose from 3rd grade – 10th grade. Over 100 core standards are presented per grade; state standards for math are used to create a program to met your child’s mathematical needs.

How does Ten Marks do this? Once you have selected the grade your child will be working in, your child will sign in and have worksheets assigned to them. My 3rd grader was assigned 3 at a time and my 4th grader had 4 worksheets. A time frame of about a week is given to have them completed. If you child works quickly, they can “fast track” to the next set of worksheets before the deadline.

Each worksheet, consisting of 10 problems, covers one topic; this gives focused practiced for the student. If needed, a teaching video is available to watch that explains the focus of the worksheet. During the worksheet, if the student has some trouble they can request a hint to help them.

One unique feature of Ten Marks is the rewards. Ten Marks has built in rewards of games to play while logged in. As a set number of worksheets are completed, new games are made available for the student. Ten Marks also have a feature where the parent can go in and set up personalized rewards; from a trip to the ice cream store to a special movie night. Mastery certificates are available to print off to encourage your student as well.

Since Ten Marks is an independent program, a report card section is there to show your child’s progress, weak areas and how they are doing on each worksheet. It tells you their score and if they required hints to get the worksheet completed. Ten Marks also give you the ability to adjust the order of worksheets, combined in albums, to better suit your child’s abilities. Anytime your child needs reinforcement, practice worksheets are available at all times.

Ten Marks also has a lovely “pause” option for the program. Vacation? Illness? Unexpected interruption to your school calendar?  You can choose to pause the program and not have worksheets piling up for your student.

Our Experience:

One issue of concern for me were the video lessons that “teach the concept”. I felt that often the videos were not clear in explaining the topic or covered it too quickly. Ten Marks says it can be used as a complete curriculum or a supplement. I feel, for us, it would be a supplement. The videos need to be more in-depth and thorough. Higher grades might be able to handle little instruction but 3rd and 4th graders need a bit more explanation.

Also, the “writing” on the videos was not always clean. I think the font could be much crisper and clearer; the size is small as well. Understandable as the “writing space” is limited but still an area of concern. The instructor also has an accent. I often heard three sounded like “tree”; not a big issue but something to be aware of.  Since this is an independent program, I think the instructional videos are crucial and overall, I was not pleased. It would also be better if the instructor was visible on screen.

My daughter doing 3rd grade is a struggling reader so this was not an independent program for her. I had to sit with her to read the problems and any writing in the videos. This wasn’t a good fit for her due to those issues. The level of work was perfect for her; just not the presentation.

My son, 4th grade, has done well with Ten Marks. We have had some issues with him just guessing answers to get through quickly. He realized that wasn’t going to work as Ten Marks will have him re-do a worksheet if he misses too many. He really like the reward games. I set no personal rewards because that isn’t standard practice in our home for school work. One thing that would be great for the reward games is to be able to set a time limit on them. My son would take 5 minutes to do a worksheet (all correct) and then want to play a game for 30. Ten Marks being an independent program, being able to set time limits beforehand would be a great tool for parents.

For our family, the instruction/teaching of concepts was not strong enough with Ten Marks. Real, physical interaction during the teaching process is a crucial factor in our approach to learning. Ten Marks would not be our family’s choice for math instruction.

However, for those who find online/computer based learning a valid option, Ten Marks is a valuable resource for a student who needs re-enforcement, a refresher course or ongoing practice for math concepts. Parents can easily track progress and monitor weak areas. The worksheets provide sufficient practice and flexibility with time.

Ten Marks offers different subscription options (per student):

Monthly – only $10

6 months – $49

12 months – $89

If you want to learn more from Ten Marks about their program you can view videos here.

Maybe you want to try it out for yourself? You can see a partial worksheet for the grade you need.

Ten Marks even has a free trial available where you can utilize and see first hand the whole program.

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**Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Review Crew, I received a complimentary 6mth subscription to this product for review. No compensation was made.

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