Monki See – A Review

Monki See is a collection of DVDs that expose your baby/young child to upbeat music, original poetry, puppets and real life images. The purpose of the DVDs is to teach babies to identify body parts, colors, shapes and more while learning to read. The Monki See DVD series is designed to teach your child necessary preschool skills in a fun and interactive way. Monki See is targeted for ages 3 months – 3 years but preschoolers might enjoy them as well.

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to utilize the Baby’s First Words DVD and the book, Know Your Monkey. For full effectiveness the program should be used consistently for around 4 weeks. Here is a preview of what is contained in the Baby’s First Words DVD:

Monki See uses the concepts/principles similar to those of Glenn Doman,  author of “How to Teach Your Baby to Read”Monki See works with the premise that babies and young children are learning and taking in new information all the time, so naturally they can be taught to read.  Monki See was created by a mom who used this premise to teach her young children to read and now makes the resources available to others.


Our Thoughts:

I used the Monki See DVD with my 17mth old and my 3 yr old.  My 17mth old was not interested in the DVD. He would watch about 10 minutes and then wandered off to play. My 3 yr old daughter engaged with it a bit more and enjoyed the little snippets of Howie and Skip. We watched the video several times but I didn’t force it as the interest wasn’t there. My children, even the 17mth old, would prefer to cuddle up and read a book.

I think the key with a program like Monki See is your view on early education/childhood. I know that very young children can easily learn so many things; their brains are little sponges soaking up information every day. However, in our home, we are not interested in teaching our children to read that young. We wait until the age of 4 or 5 to teach reading and that has worked well in our home.

Also, we don’t watch television and videos are a rare treat; not something we would be comfortable with daily. Even if it is only 30 minutes. So Monki See was not a good fit for our family. All depending on your family dynamics and your child’s need, it could be an excellent fit for you! We are a bit odd in our media standards.

Monki See does offer other resources! There are two books; one we reviewed. The book was quickly snatched and I never know which little one is enjoying Howie and Skip!

They also provide flashcards. If your family is like ours and watching videos is not your type of learning, you could easily utilize the flashcards for the same results!

Purchasing Information:

There are three DVDS: Baby’s First Words, All About Colors and All About Shapes. They can be purchased individually for: $19.95 or as a set for: $49.95

There are two books: Know Your Monkey and Monkeys Like the Color. They can purchased for $9.95 each.

Other resources are Flashcards, Memoflix and a guide to teaching your baby to read.

Not sure about Monki See? They provided much information at in the FAQ section. You can also head over to the Crew and see what others thought about Monki See!


*Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Crew, I recieved a complimentary copy of this product for review. No compensation was made. The thoughts/opinions/experience expressed in this post are my own.

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