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Apologia Press provided a wonderful opportunity to review Read for the Heart: Whole Books for Wholehearted Families. I was thrilled to be selected for this review as I am constantly on the search for quality literature to enrich the lives of my children. However, Read for the Heart is so much more than a list of books!

Read for the Heart was written by Sarah Clarkson; freelance writer and avid blogger currently working on a children’s novel. Miss Clarkson was also homeschooled and from an early age was surrounded by literary treasures.

I have used books similar to Read for the Heart in the past. My expectation was that Miss Clarkson’s book was going to be the same with a few hidden treasures revealed. I was mistaken. Miss Clarkson doesn’t just give a chapter on why reading good book is important and then has a list to peruse. Miss Clarkson throughout the book shares her love of literature, how our society is losing appreciation of literature and why quality literature is so important.

The way Miss Clarkson expresses her experience with literature was beautiful. As she was discussing the importance of carefully chosen picture books, as they set the stage, I pictured my little ones that come running when they see me with books in hand. And my older children sit and listen and share memories of when those books were read to them. Sweet memories. And I agree with Miss Clarkson that those days of picture books set the foundation for the literature our children will come to enjoy. We feed the appetite.

As Miss Clarkson introduces each chapter she touches on different issues that are crucial to consider as you make literature selections for your children. With her book selections, she gives a brief summary and gives “points of concern” if she feels some might have issues with something in the book. For example, Miss Clarkson recommends The Yearling. She gives a caution that the book deals with the “gritty realities of pioneer life, including the slaughtering of farm animals, the danger of wild animals and the death of two main characters.” While recommended for junior high, if you have a child sensitive to death of animals or death of loved ones, this might be a book you want to make sure you discuss or wait a while for your child to read.

The books are broken down into categories that make is easy to go back and find book recommendations you need. She also includes lists of Caldecott, Newberry and other medalists. Read for the Heart is an excellent resource to have on your shelf. It would be an excellent gift for a newly homeschooling family or a new mom.

Interested in adding Read for the Heart to your personal library? You can go here to view the Table of Contents and here to see a Sample Chapter.

You can purchase Read for the Heart for $17.00.

Read for the Heart is a treasure for any family with over 1,000 book recommendations from classics to modern literature; from picture books to lengthy novels; poetry and art to history and nature.

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Disclaimer- As a member of TOS Crew, I received a complimentary copy of this book for review. No compensation was made. The thoughts/opinions/experience expressed in this post are my own.

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