The Second Time Around

I can remember several years ago, sitting on the floor of Bekah and Mary’s bedroom. Girls tucked into bed, hallway light on and a book in my hand. I was reading aloud Black Beauty and they were enthralled with the story of this beautiful horse and the triumphs and tragedies he faced.

I realized recently that Lydia and Hannah are about the age that Bekah and Mary were when I read Black Beauty aloud. I decided that I must not miss the opportunity to share this well loved story with a second group of young ladies. Evenings are a bit different now with a few more children in the mix. This time around we are enjoying Black Beauty over lunch and during afternoon quiet time. Even Sarah, 3, looks forward to the horsie story.

Since Bekah and Mary had heard this before, seen the movie and read it on their own, I wasn’t concerned about them missing out on a chapter now and then. I was mistaken. They were a bit upset when I read a chapter or two without them. And one chapter was about Beauty’s friend Ginger.  I now know to wait until all children are assembled for reading hour!

We are almost to the end of Black Beauty. Only five chapters are left. One of the girls asked me to read the chapter titles. Mary was remembering how the story ends and Bekah quickly shushed her from sharing the outcome to the younger girls. I have a feeling that we will have a movie night upon us soon.

And our next read aloud? Bekah has already requested I read The Secret Garden. Again.

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