My Back Up Brain

Actually, I have two back up brains. Yes. I do. They are wonderful to have and I highly recommend that you should look into having a few.

I call mine Bekah and Mary. They are fabulous brains and at this time they are not for hire. I’m not trying to be selfish or greedy. I’m not ignoring your need. However, for all the little brains in training and for my sanity, I need to keep them around. Sorry.

I’m pregnant. You know what that means right? Hmm, let’s see. Pregnancy #9. How many brain cells do I have actively working for the betterment of mankind? Let’s see. This morning I went to make muffins for breakfast. When the recipe called for lard, I realized I was actually making biscuits. Who knew? No problem! I can flex! I’ll just cook up a pot of grits and all will be well. Hmm, my water is not boiling. What could be the problem? Oh. Well, lookie there. I didn’t turn the burner on.

I did manage to get breakfast on the table. I was quickly reminded why I let Mary have run of the kitchen for breakfast. I function much better after a shower and caffeine. Both came a bit late today.

Thankfully by dinner time I had come to my senses. I handed dinner over to Bekah. Asked her to whip up some homemade pizza for dinner. Yeah, darling, I know it isn’t Friday Pizza Night. I didn’t realize it was Thursday until about 4:30. Flex, back up brain, flex!

She not only made yummy homemade pizzas but she whipped up a dessert as well. Now that my back up brains are in bed recharging, I might have some ice cream to recharge my brain.

My older girls are a delight. I have always had a love for toddlers and preschoolers. The thought of older children always kind of had me concerned for how I would handle them. Such a blessing. Not only are they a huge help but I love the conversations we share, the laughter we can’t contain and the precious moments of quiet as we enjoy chocolate together. I enjoy the deep conversations we have and how their view on the world is expanding and changing.

Love you, Bekah and Mary!!!

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  1. I remember when you were living with us and I so enjoyed Bekah & Mary and our conversations! They are growing up so fast and unfortunately I can’t spend as much time with all of you as I wish. But, all things work together for good to those who love God – we will get together again real soon!! Love you.

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