Nature Study 101

My children love the great outdoors. Climbing trees. Digging tunnels in a pile of sand. Swinging. Running. Sliding. Playing Revolutionary War. Exploring unknown lands.

Over the past few weeks, anytime there has been a slight break in the heat, the kiddos have been outside. I love to hear their laughter and their play going on outside.

But it isn’t always fun and games outside. Sometimes we are discovering bugs and new plants. We could find new and creative ways to utilize what God has created. Moss, for example. Yes, moss, sand, rocks and a few sticks and you have created a new place to live and play….

I can’t remember what each “thing” was but I’m sure there was a kitchen and maybe a bedroom? This is why I don’t see the need in an endless supply of toys and gadgets. God has provided the perfect playground for imaginations and energy!

Is it really wise to play soccer barefoot? I’m thinking not, but what do I know. I just take the pictures, folks.

I suppose anyone could get tired of just playing, playing, playing.  Why not do a bit of work outside as well? Be a good steward of what the Lord has entrusted to you!

Sweep the yard! Now that is some serious dedication to yard work!

Or cut the grass. Literally. Do you see what she is using to cut the grass?

Scissors, people. Scissors. This girl might just have too much time on her hands!!!

The grass inspectors. They take their job very seriously. This is their playground after all. Can’t have people going crazy with the scissors!

Just our spin on nature study….what does yours look like?

One thought on “Nature Study 101

  1. Personally, we were cutting the grass with butter knives this week … digging a hole (I mean HOME) for a turtle found at the barn with afore mentioned knives. What joys!!

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