Social Skills 101

There are critics and skeptics of homeschooling who are concerned about home educated children acquiring and developing proper social skills. Here in our home we work diligently to equip our children to face all the challenges they may face when they enter the “real world.”

Thankfully, since we home educate we can grab teachable moments throughout the day to guide our children in these skills. Even at a young age, we can begin to build the foundation for those much needed social skills.

On the day of this interaction, we found the opportunity to work on sharing. While Sarah might have preferred to lick the spoon all on her own, she was willing, even happy, to share with her brother. Sweet, isn’t it? Why, yes it was. Yummy chocolate chip cookie dough! Would you share?

I will admit that we still have those days where it is evident that work is still needed for some on the sharing skill. It makes those days of victory, oh so sweet!!

Tune in next time when we discuss the challenging social skill of Verbal Communication 101!


**Disclaimer: This post was made purely to show off my cute kiddos. No compensation other than smiles, giggles and sticky finger hugs were made.

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