Baby Hats and Baby Bumps

Last night I finally sat down and started knitting a baby hat. Blue. Since Eddie is confident this is a boy, I decided to start with blue. I will make a pink once next just in case. *wink*

And for my sister who forgot how far along I was in this pregnancy……I am showing…’s the baby bump:

Please excuse the “shadow” of my hair. Not sure what was up with my photographer. So enjoy, Sis. 33 weeks! Almost time to meet this little one.

6 thoughts on “Baby Hats and Baby Bumps

  1. You look pretty in pink…nice to see you in something besides a denim skirt. 🙂

    33 weeks…so how many weeks do you have left? It goes to 40 weeks right? I don’t know nuttin bout birthing babies. LOL!

    • 40 weeks, yes. But you could go over that a bit as due dates are just estimates. And you are a mother so you know a bit about birthin’ babies, lol.

  2. Love the pic, so glad you posted it!

    Do I get to be online labor support this time, like I was for Sam? Wait, maybe I should get a bag packed so I can run out the door and actually get down there in time to be real life support?
    Miss you, friend!

    • Yes, you should pack a bag and come visit!!!!! Or we could settle for online support. But a visit would be better. You still need to meet Sam!!!!

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