Such the Gentleman….

Even at a young age, I believe it is possible for a boy to behave as a gentleman. The young lad may be too small to carry in your groceries, hold the door for Grandma or grab an out of reach item for his sister. However, even when his vocabulary isn’t quite up to par, the youngest gentleman can politely ask for an exhilarating round of fencing.

Little boy in denim still my heart....

We began our Saturday with a lovely to do list and everyone was working diligently on their assigned tasks. The littles ones helped when they were able and made messes the rest of the time. I had just sat down to take a “chocolate break” when Sam joined me.

Hello, Mr. Cuteness

He very politely and gently tapped me on my arm while calling my name in his sweet little voice, “Mommy, mommy.” I look down to see he had found a wooden spoon. He showed it to me and then pointed to another one lying close by. Hmmm, whatever could he be trying to tell me?

Sam gave a little grunt as he backed away. Ahhhhhh, I knew what that meant. I asked him, “Do you want to fight? ” He quickly threw on a smile and prepared for battle….

My name is Mr. Cuteness... prepare to give me my every wish...

I fought the good fight, but in the end the victory was Sam’s. While always the gentleman, he is a challenging adversary.  Consider yourself warned…if Sam ever taps you on the arm he may want a cuddle or he may want to fight.

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