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I have stated many times before that we are a game loving family. As a mom, I love when I find a game that includes as many of our children as possible. This is not an easy task! Last year we had the opportunity to review Wits and Wagers Family from NorthStar Games. It was a huge hit as some of our youngest family members could play and win!

When we had the opportunity to review Say Anything Family from NorthStar Games, we were thrilled! Once again NorthStar has created a game that the “family” truly can play and enjoy!

Say Anything Family is for ages 8+ and allows for 3-6 players but you can use teams if you have more people. ( My almost 2 year old teamed up with my 11 year old and they were quite the competition. )  Game play is easy to learn and set up. In under 5 minutes you can be enjoying this game. It is that simple!

Here’s the rundown of game play for Say Anything Family:

*Each player has a dry erase board, dry erase marker and two tokens; all color coded.

*One player is the judge during the “round”. Judge pulls a card, selects a question and reads it aloud.

*The other players write down their answer and place their cards down in front of the judge.

*The judge, using the handy dandy Select-O-Matic 6000, marks the color of the answer she liked best, places it face down on the table and waits.

*Players now place their tokens on the answer they think the judge selected. You can select your own answer or not. Both tokens can be played on separate answers or the same one.

*The judge reveals her selection and points are awarded. No one can receive more than 3 points at a time. You earn points by having your answer selected and  by choosing the judge’s choice. My six year old kept score easily.

*The next player becomes the judge. Play continues until each player has been the judge twice, points are tallied and the winner is announced. (That would be me. Thank you.)

Game play is full of laughter over creative answers. Not much time is needed for the game so if you need a quick game to play this is an excellent choice! Or if you are like my family, you can just play it over and over.

Another feature I liked was that each card has 3 questions and the judge picks the one she wants to ask. This was great when a question might have been unfamiliar to the judge or a topic not readily discussed in the family. We do not watch television so any questions dealing with celebrities and such could just be skipped over.

Say Anything Family would make the perfect gift for a game loving family. Toss in some snacks and beverages and let the family game night fun begin!!

Say Anything Family can be purchased at various retail stores such as Target, Borders and even online at for as little as $13.85!!

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 Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Review Crew, I received a complimentary copy of this product for review. No compensation was made. The opinions/thoughts expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. I am the graphic designer on all the North Star games. I love to see people enjoying these games. Keep it up.


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