How Much Longer? A timely review

I don’t know about you, but with 7 children in the house keeping track of time is important. Helping those children learn how to track and understand can be a challenge! For the past several weeks we have had the Time Timer in our home and it is a handy tool for multiple situations.

The Time Timer is a 60 minute timer that has a red disc that slowly decreases as time moves around the timer. No matter what the activity or age of the child, time can be seen passing and the child can know when they have a little or a lot of time left.

The Time Timer can be used in a variety of situations. Perhaps you need your little ones to know when to transition from playing to cleaning; or a reminder of how long that piano practice should last; it could be a great motivator for the student who struggles to focus on a subject.

I used the Time Timer in various ways. Some of my favorites were for kitchen clean-up and helping my 3yr old stay on task. She did really well watching the red disc and I didn’t have to remind her twice about what she was doing. It is handy for piano practice as well. With 3 children needing to practice piano, I need to keep them moving through their practice times and I loved not having to watch the clock!

There is one feature that was an issue for our family but is in reality a benefit of the timer. The Time Timer does not have a loud buzz or ring when time is up. When time has expired, there is a quiet, subtle “ring” and that is it. With seven children running around on various tasks, we would often find that we forgot the timer and never heard the “ring”.  However, this is one of the benefits of the timer if you are using it with special needs children or children who are easily startled. The quiet “ring” will not cause any issues for those who are sensitive to sudden or loud noises. It provides a clear, easy to see and understand passage of time that can work for anyone! I think this video does an excellent job of showing all that the Time Timer can do:

The Time Timer can be utilized for daily life, school, business and more. For the review, we had the 3 inch Time Timer but you can get it in larger sizes, for the computer or your phone!

The 3 inch Time Timer can be purchased for $30.00.  Please take the time to look around at all their products and information to find the Time Timer that would work best for your family!

Please take a moments to stop by the Crew and see what others experienced with the Time Timer!


Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Review Crew, I received a complimentary copy of this product. No compensation was made. The thoughts/opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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