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When I heard of Vintage Remedies the title intrigue me and I was delighted to be able to review one of their products for young ladies. Vintage Remedies for Girls is designed to teach girls, ages 7-13, about healthy and natural living. While we are not a strict healthy eating family, we do try to eat a healthy, balanced diet and try to be smart with the resources that we use in our home. Having 3 girls that fit the age range for this book, I knew it would be a great tool to have on hand.

Vintage Remedies for Girls has 3 sections: Food, Nutrition and Culinary Skills; Health and Body; and Natural Living. Within these sections a wide range of topics are covered: Real Food, Kitchen Basics, Growing Your Own Food, Coughs and Colds, Immunity and Prevention, Hospitality, Cleaner Cleaning and more!

It is a simple product to utilize; whether as a formal study or just a book to casually pull information from as needed. After reading the information on Real Food in chapter one, there will be a featured project. For chapter one it was Strawberry Fruit Bars. Yum!  Other projects are given as well such as homemade pizza or granola bars. The same model is followed throughout the book.

In our home we already cook  from scratch, but I find there is always more to learn. I really appreciated the section on Health and Body. As a mom of 6 girls, I value books that promote healthy living. It is so easy to fall into a lifestyle of junk food and to teach our young ladies early about taking care of their bodies is so important.

If you choose to use the book formally, quizzes and a recommended schedule are provided. We decided to take a more laid back approach which works well for us. The girls grab the book, read what interest them and then they can choose a project if they wish.

Vintage Remedies for Girls can be purchased for $45.00. The book is over 200 pages and non-consumable. It would also work great for a group study as well!

Vintage Remedies also provides: Vintage Remedies for Guys, Vintage Remedies for Kids and Vintage Remedies for Tweens. Vintage Remedies is not limited to resources for children. Make sure you look around to see all that they offer for healthier living!

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**Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Review Crew, I received a complimentary copy of this product for review. No compensation was made.

One thought on “Vintage Remedies

  1. What a wonderful smart way to teach girls early on how to be naturally smart 😉
    I must admit I am sitting here eating a Hot-dog (turkey) and drinking my other bad habit Pepsi ((blush)) LOL! Seriously, I do try to be as health aware as possible. I am always the first to Google naturals remedies etc. My diet on the other hand, well I do cook from scratch, but I do like those yummy processed things from time to time. I guess you must take lil steps, right? Thank you for recommending a book that will not only further my steps, but help my daughter stat taking some of her own 🙂

    Mother to a web-schooling family of four who geek out learning with web-based curricula, multimedia electives, and an online writing tutor!

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