My morning…..

Monday. Wonderful, marvelous Monday.

No, really it has been wonderful!


Listening to girls play paperdolls, I overhear:

“Oh, what a glorious day!” Please insert a British accent with a touch of southern twang.


A son doing a picture study and writing a description. He duly noted what he felt was inappropriate dress in his writing. Good work, young man.


I walk into the living room and find that two loads of clothes have been put away by my sweet Mary. I recommend everyone have a Mary.


And Bekah turned 13 on Tuesday the 31st. (More to come on that!) A friend blessed her with a huge chocolate bar yesterday. (Now that is one sweet friend!) Bekah brought the last piece to me. Just because I’m her mom. I didn’t even know she had the chocolate bar so I had not begged or anything. Giggle.  And she is all mine. A girl who shares chocolate is a life long resident in my home. The end.

We are just hitting lunch time. I can’t wait to see how amazing the rest of my day is!!

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