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As I continue on this journey of education my children there are instances where I want to run back to those early school days of teaching them to read. One of those instances is when facing subjects such as Logic. Logic isn’t a subject I was ever presented during my education and in no way do I feel qualified to teach it. However, I believe that Logic is a wonderful tool for a young person to have in their grasp. The ability to present his side in a reasonable debate is valuable skill.

Thankfully, Classical Academic Press has made a Logics resource that makes teaching and learning Logic attainable.

Argument Course for the Junior High Student


Junior high aged students will argue (and sometimes quarrel), but they won’t argue well without good training. Young teens are also targeted by advertisers with a vengeance. From billboards to commercials to a walk down the mall, fallacious arguments are everywhere you look. The Art of Argument was designed to teach the argumentative adolescent how to reason with clarity, relevance and purpose at a time when he has a penchant for the “why” and “how”. It is designed to equip and sharpen young minds as they live, play, and grow in this highly commercial culture. This course teaches students to recognize and identify twenty-eight informal fallacies, and the eye-catching text includes over sixty slick and clever, “phony advertisements” for items from blue jeans to pick-up trucks, which apply the fallacies to a myriad of real life situations.

The above was quoted from Classical Academic Press

In Art of Argument, 28 fallacies are presented ; Begging the Question, Sweeping Generalization, Straw Man, Mob Appeal, etc . The text is written in a style that is easy for the student (and teacher) to understand and think through. With each fallacy, illustrations are given to help emphasis the fallacy being discussed.  Each chapter contains the fallacy text, discussion questions, examples and there is an ongoing dialogue with Socrates. There are chapter and unit tests as well. The teacher’s manual contains all the student text plus answers to the exercises and tests.

Along with the teacher and student texts, a DVD set is available. On the DVD, two Logic teachers and four students work through the fallacies. This is really helpful to see how discussions are worked out when you are not able to be in a group setting. Thankfully, I have two daughters who will go through this at the same time so we can have a good group discussion. I liked the DVDs from the teacher’s perspective to help me see how to draw out the discussion.


When I first handed the text to my 7th grader, she wasn’t exactly thrilled. After explaining the purpose of the texts, she was a bit more willing to give it a try. She is interested in learning how to win an argument. I look forward to this course building her argument skills and her confidence in defending her point of view as well. A true asset when it comes to defending her faith!

Classical Academic Press provides samples for the teacher and student text of Art of Argument.

Teacher Sample Chapter.

Student Sample Chapter.

You might also find the Logic FAQ helpful in deciding if this course is right for your family.


Art of Argument Basic Bundle is $88.95. This bundle contains: Student text, Teacher text and DVD set.  If interested in buying the items separately, that option is available as well.

There are many other products available such as Argument Builder that can enhance you homeschool learning!

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Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Review Crew, I received a complimentary copy of this product for review. No compensation was made.

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  1. I reviewed this also — however, I didn’t draw the parallel between effective arguing and defending the faith (duh!). I think I need to give this one another look as it just overwhelmed us 🙂

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