Keeping Cool

In the south, we have are having a lovely summer, um, I mean spring. Right. It is springtime. A very warm spring.

Enjoying the coolness of a rainy afternoon.

As warm as it has felt some days, I really don’t want to have the a/c running yet.  It can get really toasty in our house.  9 of us home all day, baking, working, cleaning, etc. The temperature can rise quickly!

Thread that machine, babycakes!

In an effort to keep cool while not running up an insane electric bill, I assigned my girls to sewing. Rice bags. You can heat them up but you can also keep them in the freezer. We use them when needed for headaches or injuries. Now they are our personal cooling systems. PCS.

Snip, snip

Get a little warm while working on math? PCS!  Hot after playing outside? PCS! Breaking a sweat in the kitchen? PCS!

What? You don't have a PCS?!?!

The kiddos really enjoy having them at night when they head to bed. Thankfully we have enough so everyone can have a PCS with reserves in the freezer.

Martha chillin' with her PCS

How do you keep cool?

Happy kiddo thanks to a PCS

Note: Rice bags are easy to sew so they can be a great project for beginning sewers. My girls made some a few years ago as gifts. Rice bags make wonderful, inexpensive gifts!

(I forgot to take pics of the bags. Ooops! )


One thought on “Keeping Cool

  1. Sew, they are easy…where’s the tutorial? Yes, I know I can google and find a zillion, but none could be as great as a Tribe Tutorial. Get on it, we are going to be melting up here soon and a PCS would be perfect!

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