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As Christian parents we should take very seriously our responsibility to teach and train our children in the studying, reading, memorizing and applying of God’s Word. Often this responsibility can be overwhelming and we are unsure how to effectively and thoroughly make God’s Word the center of our day. Judah Bible Curriculum is a resource that can aid you in teaching and instructing your child about the Bible.

Judah Bible Curriculum utilizes the principle approach. The principle approach refers to a philosophy of education whose content and methods are designed to build character in teacher and student capable of sustaining liberty. Judah Bible Curriculum’s purpose is to build Bible literacy and through that build Godly character into the student. Young people need to learn how to read God’s word, study it, research it and gain understanding that can then be applied personally and through that make a godly impact.

Judah Bible Curriculum uses the Bible as the textbook. No student workbooks to buy, no teachers manual to check for answers. You and your children will study God’s Word together. Just you and God’s Word. JBC does recommend “notebooking” . Whether it is older students taking notes, jotting down their thoughts as they read or a young child drawing a picture as a reference for what was studied, notebooking can be a valuable learning tool. JBC does not provide the “extras” for “notebooking” and such. This is up to the parent to round up the resources they would like to add. To effectively use JBC, you just need a Bible, concordance, commentaries and a Bible dictionary.

Judah Bible Curriculum is divided in to Five Themes:

  • Creation
  • The Plan of Redemption Begins
  • Kingdom of Israel
  • Kingdom of God
  • Early Church

The themes are then broken down in to Bible Keys: Key Individuals, Key Events, Key Institutions and Key Documents. Each of these keys is used to help the student see the hand of God, the character of God and how He is moving in history. JBC takes your through the entire Bible each year; each year having different focuses on events and people.

Judah Bible Curriculum is more of a “teacher curriculum” or “teacher training tool” than a curriculum for the student. JBC is helping the parent know how to teach the Bible to their children.  So how does a lesson from JBC work?

Let’s take Lesson1. The weekly theme focus is Creation; you will spend a whole week working through the scripture selected: Genesis 1-2. First pray for guidance on how to study the passage. Read the focal text for the weekly theme. Have your “key sheets” ready for use.  Read the text again,fill out the key sheets. Now build on this study! This is the time to use the Bible dictionary, concordances and commentaries to really dig into the scripture. Check out the cross references and see how scripture will interpret scripture. Take notes, draw maps and create a timeline.

Everyone does this together; as a family. No matter the ages of your children, you can bring them together to study the Word. Naturally the older students are going to  be doing more in-depth studying, but the younger ones can gain so much from the discussion.

Our Thoughts on Judah Bible Curriculum:

We were  going through a weekly lesson and my children observe that, “um, don’t we already do Bible like this?

Yes, we do. Our children all listen to the weekly sermon and those old enough take notes. We study the sermon text through out the week, discussing it, checking cross references, listening to other messages, reading commentary.  We do choose to study verse by verse and not by “event’ or “topic”. We also don’t “notebook” for Bible study although they definitely could if they desired.  Since our family is already in the practice of family worship, JBC is not a necessary resource for us to have.

However, I think Judah Bible Curriculum can be a great tool for a family that is unsure how to implement Bible study in their home. I agree that Bible literacy and understanding the sovereignty of God and governing ourselves according to God’s word is crucial to pass along to our children. Judah Bible Curriculum can definitely aid the parent in that regard.

There are two ways to purchase Judah Bible Curriculum:

Hard Pack – $69 + $5 shipping : Judah Bible Curriculum K-12 Manual, Elementary Notebook Ideas Booklet, Eight Lecture Teacher Training Seminars on CD.

Download – $44  gives you: Judah Bible Curriculum K-12 Manual in e-book format; Elementary Notebook Ideas to view online or download; Eight Lecture Teacher Training Seminar to listen online or download.

There is a wealth of information at JudahBible.com and I would recommend browsing the site to get a good feel of the curriculum.  Watch a presentation, read about the philosophy and learn more about character and freedom.

Also stop by the Crew and see what other families had to say about Judah Bible Curriculum!


**Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Review Crew, I received a complimentary copy of the download version of this product. No compensation was made. The thoughts/opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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