Need Math Facts Help? (review)

Having a solid grasp of the basic math facts helps to build a strong foundation for future math studies. However, drilling those facts can often seem like torture for the student and the mom. With children in varying areas of math, I have been able to see just how important those math facts can be  as you progress to higher levels. Being able to see that keeps me motivated to keep drilling!

As a busy mom of 8 children, finding resources to aid in areas like drilling math facts can be a gift! We recently were able to review a math fact drilling system for the computer.

CapJaxMathFax was created by Jack Fretwell, who has a master’s degree in Educational Technology and has spent over thirty years in education and computers. He has taught varying ages and abilities from elementary math to computer and business skills for executives. Mr. Fretwell has a program that is effective and easy to implement.

CapJaxMathFax can be purchased as a download or by CD. Installations is simple and use of the program can begin immediately. The program covers all four basic math operations, tracking your child’s progress so you can easily see weak areas and mastery.

For the young or beginning student who might not be familiar with the keyboard/number pad, keyboard practice is available to get the child accustomed to using the program. Once they are ready they either go into “practice” mode or begin to “play for rating”.

CapJaxMathFax provides immediate feedback to the student as she drills through the facts. The program is preset for a “three second” response to have “mastered” a fact but the parent can easily reset the response time to allow for longer time dependent on the needs of the child. You could also set a quicker response time for a more advanced driller to get a bigger challenge.

The program really is “install and go”. The parent does not need to preset any quizzes. Each child begins at the same point and will progress at his own rate. Progress reports are provided for the parent and child to keep an eye on progress. Even reports on how many seconds each response took is available. What a great motivator for the child who needs to see his accomplishments.

For the child who might need a bit of an extra incentive or reinforcement, CapJax offers merit badges for $4. These are great to add to backpacks, shirts, hats, etc. There is a merit badge for each basic operation. What a fun reward when mastery is reached!

Why would you want to purchase CapJaxMathFax when there are so many “free resources” available?

  • No ads. This is huge. While utilizing free resources on the internet can be beneficial, some of the ads on “kid friendly” sites are not kid friendly. Being able to let my 6 year old get on the computer to drill facts and not be online is a big plus!
  • Progress is recorded and simple for me to access. Often to track progress on “free” resources, I have to register and then deal with possible spam. Not a problem with CapJax.
  • Simple, no frills program. There are no distractions of working for 5 minutes on drills to earn 20 minutes on online games. Your child’s reward is the instant feedback from CapJax and not a frivolous game that doesn’t deal with math.
  • Independent study. My child can just get on and the program picks up  at the level she stopped at previously. I can easily see what progress was made later in the day or week.

How did CapJaxMathFax work for us?

My six year old is the one who used the program the most. She had no problems using the program and enjoyed it. One great thing I love about this program is this: child hits “enter”, a problem appears, the child types the answer and hits “enter”. Then the program doesn’t offer another problem until the child hits “enter” again. Each individual problem is timed. For the child who might get flustered at problems coming quickly, this is perfect. The child can control the speed at which the problems come and still be timed on each individual answers. My 6 year old had time between problems to get her fingers ready and refocus. Love this!

CapJaxMathFax is a very simple, basic program in presentation and at times the screen can seem “busy” and it looks a bit outdated at times. However, it is a solid program for getting math facts drilled and mastery obtained. It is a great program and my daughter will continue to use it to master her facts!

There are two purchasing options for  CapJaxMathFax:

Download Version for Windows or Mac (home license):  $29.95

CD + Download License (home license): $29,95 + $5.95 shipping

A free evaluation is offered at CapJaxMathFaxso you can see the program in action and helpful notes to explain the program are included. Also swing by the TOS Homeschool Crew to see what other families thought of this program.

 **Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Review Crew, I received a download of this product for the purpose of review. No compensation was made. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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