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While I have utilized a few programs with my older children to improve their writing skills, I had never used specific writing instruction for my younger learners. Write Shop was one writing program that I had heard of but never purchased for our home. Over the past few weeks, I have had Write Shop Primary Book C to implement with my 8 year old.

WriteShop is a writing program designed by two homeschool moms. Their experiences teaching their own children and others showed them a need for an incremental writing system. This incremental system, building on each previous lesson, builds a sturdy foundation for successful writing.

WriteShop Primary C is designed for 2nd and 3rd graders but could be adapted for 4th graders who need an extra bit of encouragement in writing. Here is a placement chart to help you see which books could work for your child. In Primary C, students are introduced to the steps in writing through picture books, crafts and other engaging activities.  This is the perfect level for beginning writers or even those who are new to writing. The parent is encouraged to even allow her child to dictate her writings to the parent and slowly build the writing skill as the student progresses through the book.


The teacher’s guide is full of helpful information. It thoroughly explains each teaching method used, how to set up the activities and even gives 3 different schedules you can follow depending on your needs. Throughout this course your child will write in a personal journal, learn the editing process, write a non-fiction article, learn to research and more! Take a peek at the scope and sequence to see exactly what will be covered.

How did it work for us?

For this review, I received the ebook format of WriteShop Primary C (PDF Format). Each chapter of the book was a separate PDF file. It was a bit trying at time as I couldn’t easily flow from one chapter to the next. I really think that having a hard copy of this product would make utilizing it easier; at least for me. I prefer to not read on a computer screen and we do not own an e-reader that allows for easy reading of PDFs.

WriteShop Primary C is a teacher intensive course. The course gives a very detailed overview to the parent on how to utilize the course, the steps to follow and what the program entails. It is very thorough. For me, just the extent of the material for me to do and prep before the lessons to begin was a bit much. I am willing to spend as much time as necessary for my children’s education. However, at this age level, 7-9 years old, this was bit more time intensive than I agree with for writing.

My daughter, 8, willingly used the program. While we have not technically covered writing, we do a great amount of reading and I think that builds so many skills even in writing. My daughter also writes on her own without encouragement from me.

For us, this program didn’t match up with my teaching style or our family dynamics.  I think it would be work well for a family that wanted a more structured teaching plan/course. It would also be a great match for someone who felt unsure of how to approach teaching writing as WriteShop offers step by step guidance from the prep work to the actual lessons.

Purchasing Details:

WriteShop Primary C – ebook – $28.95

WriteShop Primary C – print copy $32.95

If you are looking for a writing course for your child who is in 2nd – 3rd grade, taking a look at a sample lesson is a great way to get a feel for the program.  Also make sure to stop by the Crew Review Blog. Other crew members reviewed various levels of WriteShop. WriteShop has writing instruction for grades K-12 so there is a course available no matter the age/level of your students.

**Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Homeschool Review Crew, I received a complimentary copy of this ebook for the purpose of review. No compensation was made.  The opinions/thoughts expressed in this post are my own.

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