Who Lives in the Sea? A Review

No matter where you live, one can’t help but to be amazed by the word that God created. From the tiniest hummingbird to the the long-necked giraffe….from the cutest little sea crab to the killer whale….God’s creation is so amazing and beautiful. For most of us it is easy to experience firsthand so much of nature. We can see the beautiful trees, gorgeous flowers, twinkling snowflakes and colorful butterflies. Another one of God’s creation, the ocean, is not something that most of us can explore. The wonder and beauty and depths of  the ocean is limited to those who are able to go underwater.

Now the the beauty and wonder from the depths of the ocean can be enjoyed by your children no matter where you live! Annie Crawley, a broadcast and photo journalist, fell in love with scuba diving and the ocean. Using her experience as a scuba diving instructor, boat captain, underwater photographer and cinematographer, Annie Crawley started a business called Dive Into Your Imagination.

Dive Into Your Imagination produces DVDs that help bring the wonder of the underwater world to children. These videos, designed for PreK and up, can be enjoyed by the whole family.  As a member of TOS Review Crew we were able to choose from three award winning DVDs: Who Lives in the Sea?, What Makes a Fish a Fish? and Dive into Diversity! I chose Who Lives in the Sea for my children to enjoy.

Who Lives in the Sea? is a 45 minute DVD that introduces your children to different animals of the ocean. There are 8 segments on the DVD that include Let’s Swim with the Dolphins, Sea Lions and Seals, Eight Armed Animals and more!  It also included a bonus feature on helping your children to love the water.

My children enjoyed Who Lives in the Sea?. From the very first segment on dolphins they were asking to see and learn more. The segments were very informative for most of the ocean animals we met. We learned about dolphins living in “pods” and how they created a “bait ball” with fish and take turns eating. We also learned about the octopi and other eight armed animals; how they can change their colors when needed. It was the perfect amount of information. The DVD captured the attention of my children and had them wanting to learn more. This is what I love to see! A desire to learn more!

For us, when an interest is sparked,we head to the library and grab some books, pull up some pictures and information online and see what we can learn. This method has worked out well for us in our homeschool. If you enjoy extras or need a bit of help in putting together “unit study” type learning, then you might be interested in the Educator Guidesavailable for each DVD.

Designed with the public school classroom in mind, these cross curriculum educator guides can be useful to the homeschool parent as well.  There are two educator guides per DVD; one for grades PreK/K and another one for grades 1-3. The guides contain various activities, questions, books suggestions etc to turn the segments on the DVDs into week long studies. The educator guide incorporate literacy, geography, math and science. All depending on how you handle learning in your homeschool, you can definitely make the guides work for you. I did not utilize all the resources in the educator guides.*

Purchasing Information:

Who Lives in the Sea , designed for ages 3-8, is $19.95.

Dive Into Diversity and What Makes a Fish a Fish are also $19.95 each.

TheEducator Guidesare $299 or $69.99 per level. However, Annie Crawley and Dive Into Your Imagination is providing a special offer to homeschool parents! When purchasing Who Lives in the Sea or one of the other DVDs,  if you mention “homeschool”  in the comments, you will receive a PDF copy of the Educator Guide for free!! 

Also for the months of May and June, you can receive Free Shipping!!

You can find more information at www.anniecrawley.com and www.diveintoyourimagination.com to see if these products are right for your family.

*An extra note: I was a bit concerned about what worldview would be promoted on these DVDs; if there would be any talk of evolution or “mother earth” type conversations. There was no blatant instances of this happening. However, I did get an overall feel of this line of thinking. I think that there is a foundation being laid for worshipping the creation instead of the Creator. It can be labeled “character education” or “science”, etc, but it is definitely leaving toward an worldview that I’m not comfortable encouraging.

Who Lives in the Ocean, What Makes a Fish a Fish and Dive Into Diversity were reviewed by other TOS Crew members. Take a moment or two to stop by the Crew and see what others are saying!


Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Review Crew, I received a complimentary copy of a DVD and educator guide for the purpose of review. No compensation was made. All thoughts/opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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