Little Miss Martha – 5 months

So she is really 5.5 months because mom is behind a bit on her blogging schedule. Oops. I’m sure you will forgive me once you see all these cute pics of Little Miss Martha!

Martha is an absolute treasure. She is a happy, content little one. She is a great sleeper. She  is around 16lbs. Martha loves to be held and rocked. She enjoys watching her siblings play. There is still a daily waiting list to hold her.

I really admire her desire to be fit. Already doing push ups at 5 months! Amazing, yes? Look at the focus…the determination….

At 5 months, she has mastered rolling and in a blink of an eye can roll across the room. This has put the others in the home on high alert. Yes, all too soon Miss Martha will be swiping Legos.

Martha enjoys two fingers. Just two, thank you. No thumb, please. Same two fingers on either hand. She isn’t picky!

Martha really loves Sarah and Sam. They greet her every. single. morning. first. thing. before. the. sun. comes. up. They are dedicated to her. And Sam can make her laugh with a mad game of peek a boo.

All those push ups paid off. Martha can also sit up and do a bit of reading at 5 months. She is reminding me so much of Bekah.

She is trying her hardest to figure out the crawling gig. I told her to slow down. She is only 5 months. But she is constantly getting up on her knees. There is just too much excitement going on! She has a need to get right in the middle of it.

Happy 5 Months, Martha!

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