Mini Vacation

This past weekend we were at the Grandparent’s house to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday.  We turned in to a “mini-vacation” and it was such a blessing!

On Saturday, after the excitement of waking up to a flat tire, we headed to the North Carolina Estuarium and learned about coastal rivers and sounds.  There was a “no photo” policy so I couldn’t take any pictures beyond the lobby.

Once we were finished with the inside tour, we stepped outside to enjoy a beautiful view. The little ones enjoyed an opportunity to run and stretch their vocal chords. I was looking forward to a stroll down the boardwalk but others were hungry and ready to head to our picnic destination.

Wait. Before we head on to our picnic…a couple of cute shots.


Alright. Let’s load back up and head to the picnic area. We were on our way to Bath, NC for a picnic by the water.

The Lord blessed us with an absolutely gorgeous day! Perfect temperature, cool breeze, lovely sunshine…perfect! The picnic was so relaxing. I think we could have stayed there for hours.

The children loved watching the jumping mullets ( I think?) . I had a few I thought might accidentally take a swim but they managed to stay dry. Bekah really thought a kayak would be a fun addition to the day. One kayaking trip and the girl is dying to go again.

The lunch crew. Notice that Caleb is missing? I could barely get him away from the water. He took his sandwich and sat by the water. I tried to get a pic but Martha kept grabbing my camera! Bekah, I think, is behind a tree. Not intentional on her part; I didn’t realize it until after I got home.

Saturday ended up getting cut short since we had a few that were not going to be able to handle the house tours. Hopefully we can try again soon. I love seeing old homes!

It was a lovely mini-vacation!

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  1. What a great time away from the daily grind! A great post to preserve your family memories. Your kids will love looking back at this when they are grown up.

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