Lesson Learned

As parents, we may sit back and hope that our children will learn from our mistakes. As we encourage and guide them through life, sharing our experiences and struggles, we hope that they will gain wisdom without having to face difficult situations.

However, sometimes it carries more meaning, more understanding if they learn the lesson the hard way.  Learning the lessons the hard way are even better when mom can capture the moment on camera. Bekah, so sweetly, posing for a picture. She prefers not to have her picture taken. Wasn’t is so sweet of her to humor her camera loving momma?

Oh, but wait. What is on my hand!?!?!?!?

Bird droppings! Lesson learned. Check railings for bird droppings before posing for a picture. It was priceless. I am so thankful I had the camera on her. Imagine missing out on this wonderful life lesson? She was thrilled. Thrilled that I had tossed the baby wipes in the stroller. Hee Hee.

I think she might be just a bit cautious the next time I ask to take her picture.

Love you, Bekah!

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