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Pearson Education is well known for  publishing quality textbook curricula for the traditional school setting. From textbooks to online learning, Pearson has produced products with the desire to enhance learning and achievement for students and teachers. Now Pearson Education is expanding to reach the homeschool community.

Now Pearson Homeschool provides quality textbook and online learning for the homeschool family. With choices in language arts, social studies, math and more, you can now how thorough, detailed and flexible learning resources at your fingertips.

As a Schoolhouse Review Crew member I was recently able to utilize Reading Street 4 from Pearson Homeschool. Reading Street 4 consists of 2 Student Texts, teacher’s Guide on the Side book, Teacher’s Resource DVD and Exam DVD. Reading Street 4 is for 4th grade students but could probably be used for a grade up or down depending on the student.

Reading Street Student Textbooks begin with an “Envision It” section. Colorful, comic style pages that are designed to introduce the student to such things as drawing conclusions, fact and opinion, literary elements, etc. It is a resource section that the student can refer to through out the book.  Reading Street has a Big Question or theme for each unit. Unit One’s Big Question was ” What can we discover from new places and people?”  Each unit is about 4 weeks long utilizing various activities to bring about learning.

The week will cover a comprehension skill such as sequencing and have a short story to show the student how to determine sequencing. A vocabulary strategy is also included in the unit addressing such topics as suffixes.  Then a short story will be read that highlights words that have suffixes on them.  A writing suggestion is giving to put the vocabulary words into practice. Once these learning strategies have been presented, the student reads a chapter pulled from a piece of literature such as Because of Winn Dixie. At the end of the chapter, you have a Think Critical section which are questions to help build comprehension and understanding. The week wraps up in the textbook by having suggestions for fluency (such as reading aloud to a friend), dramatic retelling of a scene, etc.

Guide on the Side is a teacher resource manual on literacy approach. The Guide on the Side is a tool to help the teacher with suggestions and ideas on how to assess and teach to their students in areas such as fluency, comprehension, genre, writing, etc.  For example, under fluency it gives a “word per minute” chart to help gauge where the student falls in fluency. It also gives a “weekly routine” for fluency with exercises such as choral reading, partner reading, etc.

The Teachers Resource DVD offers a substantial amount of worksheets for vocabulary, comprehension, grammar and more. There are transparencies available to utilize.  For each week’s focus there could easily be 20 or more worksheets available for the student to practice the skills presented. The DVD also provides answers for the teacher.

The Exam DVD is, well, assessments to track the student’s progress. It provides weekly tests, assessments for fluency and comprehension and baseline group testing.

Our Thoughts:

Reading Street 4 from Pearson Homeschool is definitely “school at home”. From the “this textbook belongs to: ” on the inside of the front cover to the stack of worksheets, it is evident that Pearson has taken their mainstream public school textbooks and are marketing them to the homeschool community. Is this a bad thing? No, not if you enjoy the textbook approach to learning.

Some positives are that with one textbook you are covering the full language arts spectrum. Utilizing the teacher’s resource DVD gives plenty of opportunity for reinforcement and practice if your child needs it. A program such as Reading Street 4 might work well for the family that is transitioning from the public school setting to the homeschool setting.

I did have a few issues with Reading Street 4 that deal more with my learning/teaching philosophy. I love literature; well-written literature that is not simplified for the reader. While Reading Street didn’t simplify the literature selections they pulled from, I did not like just utilizing one chapter from a book. I think areas such as fluency and comprehension can be developed through the enjoyment of a whole piece of literature.

Setting up and utilizing the program can be a bit overwhelming and time consuming. The amount of worksheets gets to be a bit redundant. I chose to select a few worksheets and leave the rest. Otherwise it would have just been busy work and not challenging to my son who was using Reading Street 4.

As a mom of 8 children and one who leans to a Charlotte Mason philosophy, Reading Street was not a good fit. It was time consuming and not challenging for my son. However, the student textbooks were colorful and engaging. My 6 and 8 year old daughters enjoyed reading some of the selections.

While it was not a good fit for us, Reading Street 4 and other subjects from Pearson Homeschool could be a valuable tool for the family who prefers a textbook, structured approach or the family transitioning from school to home.

PearsonHomeschool.com is a website in progress. However, you might like to check out a few items such as FAQ and Homeschool Resources.

Reading Street 4 Bundle is available to purchase for $124.99 . A non-consumable product that is a full language arts program.

Other Schoolhouse Review members reviewed other levels of Reading Street as well as social studies and online math courses. Please stop by the Crew blog to see what others are saying about Pearson Homeschool.


Disclaimer: As a member of The Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received a complimentary copy of this program. No compensation was made. All thoughts/opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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