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I must confess something to you. I love preschoolers. I do. They are adorable, honest, and well, they have the best school subjects. Playdough 101, The Basics of Cutting and Pasting, Pipe Cleaner Art and the fabulous Glue and Glitter for the Gifted.

Ok. I know there are a few moms  of preschoolers that are running to their bathrooms, screaming at the thought of playdough in the carpet, snippets of hair floating to the floor and the always lovely “glitter that you will see for the next 20 years in random places”.  I don’t understand how you can’t love the sparkly glitter, but today  I am here to offer help! May I introduce you to homemade glitter?

While browsing on Pinterest one night with Little Miss, I came across a recipe for homemade glitter. Hmm, I have one or two kiddos who love such sparkly things as glitter and craft supplies add up quick when you have seven pairs of hands ready to grab the glue and run. I love to be as self sufficient as possible so I had to give homemade glitter a try.

Homemade glitter was  a very simple recipe. Oven set at 350*, cookie sheet, 1/4 cup of salt and 1/2 teaspoon of food coloring. Mix the salt and food coloring thoroughly. Spread it out on the cookie sheet. Place in oven for 10 minutes. Allow the glitter to cool and then the fun can begin.

I will confess that I was disappointed. It wasn’t glittery, sparkly, shiny. I made a couple other batches playing with the salt to food coloring ratio. I was concerned that maybe I had used too much food coloring. While I had lighter shades of glitter, it still wasn’t sparkly.

Here is the amazing thing about preschool kiddos. They didn’t care. I brought out the construction paper, glue and homemade glitter and they were thrilled. I should have purchased a few salt shakers before making the glitter but I forgot. Yep. Forgot. Thankfully my children are very aware of my forgetfulness and just rolled with it. You can sprinkle glitter just as easily as you can shake it.

Then there is always Sam’s method..just dump the whole jar  onto your paper and watch your older sister freak out. It was a great moment.  I had preschoolers up to age 10, ahem, joining in for craft time. I am sure my 12 year old would have been in the mix if she had been available.

For those moms who are twitching at the thought of glitter, this was very easy to clean up. When they were finished, I grabbed the vacuum and swiftly took care of the mess. No glitter for the next 20 years.

While I was a bit disappointed in the sparkle factor, the little ones had a blast. Since they were the ones I was making it for that is what matters. We will be making some more soon and getting some salt shakers. Dollar Tree and Goodwill, here I come!

I hope to soon make our own fingerpaints and we definitely need another batch of KoolAid playdough!

6 thoughts on “Craft Time – Homemade Glitter

  1. I love my preschoolers too, and you are making me feel guilty because I don’t do nearly enough of those fun Preschool subjects with them. Love how your son dumped the whole jar!

  2. Wow this is really good stuff. You must have a very understanding husband to allow all this stuff to happen while he is gone. Two thumbs up one for you and one for your hubby!

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