Litte Miss Martha ~ 7 months

Thursday, July 12th, Little Miss Martha turned 7 months old. I tried to get a picture of her on her teddy bear blanket to show how much she is growing but Little Miss doesn’t sit still anymore. I finally gave up  and we moved on. She was very pleased with my decision.

She is such a treasure. Martha is still easy going. She loves to be in the middle of what is going on in the house. Doing school while lying on the floor has become a challenge as she loves to crawl over to see what everyone is working on or reading. She can also point out to you every Lego left behind.

She reminds me often of Rebekah. Bekah, even as a baby, was not one to just sit and play. She was always on the go. Martha is the same. She is always moving unless something like a container of baby wipes catches her attention.  Thankfully, we always have someone who is willing to play with her. (AKA make sure Martha doesn’t get something she isn’t suppose to have)

This is her new favorite face to make. She blows air out of her nose while she scrunches it all up. She has also discovered her voice and is always babbling away. I can’t wait to hear her chattering away.

Over the past couple of weeks, Martha has been working diligently on her standing skills. I told her to be content with crawling but she will not be swayed. I think I might have an early walker on my hands. She is getting better and faster every day at pulling herself up.

This was taken today. Before I knew it, she had crawled to the end of the couch and used the blanket basket as a help to get upright. She was very proud of herself. I see toddlerhood quickly approaching…..

After all that hard work……sometimes you just have to sleep. No place better than Daddy’s arms.

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