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When beginning a new book. one of the first things we often look for is a map. While reading a book, we may take a peek at our world map to locate the setting of the book. Naturally, while studying history, we want our maps!  To truly understand the journeys of Columbus, to see the expanse of the Roman Empire and to watch the westward expansion of the young United States, maps provide images to help the information come together and be understood.

It can be a challenging and time consuming task to pull together maps and ones that appropriately represent the time, places, people and events you are studying. Knowledge Quest has a wonderful resource that makes utilizing maps in all your studies so very simple! We have been using Map Trek Complete Collection 6 Ebook set for the past several weeks and I am loving this resource.

Map Trek Complete Collection covers history from Ancient to Modern, includes US Edition Maps and Atlas maps as well. With the complete collection you will have access to over 350 maps. The maps are already set up for easy printing and use. You can print out labeled or blank outline maps which are perfect for having students fill in cities, countries, travels for the time period being studied. If you are teaching multiple students, you can print out as many copies as you need; as often as you need.

If you do map drills, Map Trek is perfect for this! You can print out a blank outline map and have the children complete it from memory. The Atlas maps are designed to print out with just latitude and longitude lines to help your child draw in continents to scale. Wonderful resource!

While using Map Trek, I print out a labeled map and a blank map. As we study a certain time period, I will have the children label a map. After a few days of utilizing the completed map, I give them a blank one to fill in. A little map test. They aren’t always excited about it but their geographical knowledge is better than mine! And it provides a clear image of how location plays into history. While studying Catherine the Great recently, we used a Map Trek Map to help us see her journey to Russia and exactly where she lived. It really helped to solidify what we were studying!

Map Trek Complete Collection can also be used to add to your literature studies.  Reading Chronicles of Narnia? You can quickly pull up a Map Trek map and place Peter and Lucy on the map. Maybe you want to learn a bit about the author of your books. Reading Austen right now? Print out a map and see where she lived. What else was going on during that time period? There really are so many options for utilizing Map Trek!

And I must share this wonderful FREE resource that Knowledge Quest has provided. Curriculum Integration Guide. Knowledge Quest has matched up Map Trek Maps with popular history curricula like Story of the World, TruthQuest, Veritas Press, Ambleside Online and more! Go take a look!

You can also experience a sample of Map Treks. Knowledge Quest has a Map Trek Sample Pack (scroll to bottom of page) available so you can truly try before you buy. 47 pages of maps from 4 Map Trek E books that you can easily download and use to see if this is the map collection for you!


Map Trek Complete Collection 6 Ebook Set – World and American History – Download Version – $47

You can also purchase the Map Treks separately if desired for $14.95.

Last Thoughts:

*Great resource for all ages and all family sizes.

*Easy to download and to print.

*Options for various map uses.

*Works with any history curricula; so no new maps needed if your history plans change.


*Owned by a homeschooling family.

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**Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Review Crew, I received a complimentary download of the product for the purpose of review. No compensation was made. The opinions/thoughts expressed in this post are my own.

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