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When I began homeschooling, I thought one of my greatest challenges would be teaching my children to read. I was a bit short sighted. Areas of learning such as algebra had not entered my radar screen. Now, having a 13 year old daughter that is finishing up pre-algebra, I realize that teaching phonics was a breeze compared to math.

Since Bekah is almost ready to begin our current math program’s algebra book, I wasn’t sure about reviewing another algebra course. However, No Nonsense Algebra has been a helpful tool in her math studies.

Math Essentials was created by Richard W. Fisher, America’s Math Teacher, who has devoted years to teaching fifth and sixth graders math. Mr. Fisher has produce a math program that gives students  the skills to master algebra. Math Essentials offer books for fourth grade through high school that utilize a strategy method that only takes 20 minutes a day for math success.

algebraNo Nonsense Algebra is the newest product from Math Essentials. No Nonsense Algebra presents information in a clear and concise manner that makes it understandable for the student.  The program is perfect for independent learning and a student can definitely set her own pace.   There are ten chapters in No Nonsense Algebra covering topics from Necessary Tools for Algebra to Radical Expressions and Geometry.  The number of lessons vary per chapter depending on the amount of information covered.  Each lesson has an introduction of the material, examples and exercises and review; around 20 problems total. At the end of each chapter, a chapter review is provided. No Nonsense Algebra also includes a final exam, solutions for all problems and other resources.

Along with the text, each lesson has a corresponding video lesson taught by Mr. Fisher. The video lessons are online and free. At the back of each No Nonsense Algebra book, a sticker is on the back cover with a code. You visit and simple enter your code. This gives you access to the videos for the lesson.

The videos are simple and straightforward. With a simple whiteboard background, Mr. Fisher walks the student through each step of the topic being studied. As Mr. Fisher is teaching, he encourages the student to participate by working the problems along with him. This helps to keep the student focused and engaged in learning. Mr. Fisher explains the topic is a very understandable way that doesn’t overwhelm the student.

When we initially received No Nonsense Algebra, Bekah wasn’t really excited about giving it a try. At this point, math still isn’t her favorite subject.  However, No Nonsense Algebra has been a help to her. As she was finishing up pre-algebra, I chose not to completely stop her current math course. She has been alternating between our normal studies and No Nonsense Algebra. This approach has worked well for her. She liked the presentation of the videos and felt they were an important part of making the program successful.

Pricing for No Nonsense Algebra:

No Nonsense Algebra book w/ Free Online Video Access: $ 27.95 (A great price!)

There’s more!  Math Essentials provides a variety of resources for grades 4th and up.  We also had to opportunity to use Mastering Essentials Math Skills: Whole Numbers and Integers.

This book covers the four basic operations with whole numbers and integers.  It is a small workbook perfect for extra practice or review.  You can view a sample page here.  Other workbooks cover topics such as: problem solving, geometry and  fractions. You can see a complete list here.

Mastering Essentials Math Skills: Whole Numbers and Integers is only $11.95.

If you are looking for review or a new math program, you could find just what you need at Also take a moment to stop by the Crew and see what others had to say about No Nonsense Algebra.

**Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was provided a complimentary copy of this product. No compensation was made. The opinions/thoughts expressed in this post are my own.

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