Packles The Penguin

Penguins! Who doesn’t love penguins?!? Those cute, adorable, ice loving birds…..birds that can’t fly.

Packles the Penguin is a penguin of many interests. From sledding to building snow penguins with his good friend, Beaky, Packles is a busy penguin! However, there is one thing that Packles wants to do more than anything…  Packles watches other birds flying and soaring in the sky and wants to join in the fun. However, Beaky assures him that trying to fly is not a good idea.

Will a trip to the Land of Things Left Behind and some creative thinking help Packles fly? Or will Beaky’s voice of reason keep Packles firmly on the ground?

Packles the Penguin is a delightful children’s book that takes a fun twist on the penguin’s inability to fly. It was enjoyed by everyone in our home.  The pencil illustrations add such a sweet quality to the book; I think they are my favorite part. After reading Packles, my younger ones were thrilled with the thought that they could illustrate their own book.

Packles the Penguin would be a great resource if you are doing a unit study on penguins, birds or flight. Also a great addition to studying the South Pole or creating your own book. Or as we used it…just fun reading!

Packles the Penguin was created by a mother/daughter team: Barbara and Molly Coyle. Barbara Coyle is the author of Ned: Barnardo Boy (love this book!) and several other works of adult fiction. Molly, her daughter, developed the story idea and illustrated the book. Some of the proceeds from Packles the Penguin goes to Teen for Orphans.

You can purchase a copy of Packles the Penguin for $7.99 from!

I hope you enjoy this book!

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