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History is a favorite subject in our home. We love to learn about people and events of the past and see how it has shaped today. There are so many fascinating things to discover in history. Whether you use living books, textbook or other type of approach in history, Thomas Jefferson Education’s This Week in History could be a resource to enhance your history studies or help to bring a taste of history to your other pursuits.

This Week in History is on online resource provided by Thomas Jefferson Education. Each week, sent to you via email or accessed directly online, you will have information on people from presidents to authors; from the release date of the Rubic’s Cube to the atom bomb; from National Ice Cream Day to Memorial Day. Each week of history includes basic information on the significant person, event or date. Links are also included for further research, hands on activities, videos, printables and more. The information provided can be used for a wide range of ages and levels of learning. 

Not only do you receive This Week in History each week, but subscribing also gives you access to the Archives. Maybe you aren’t interested in National Ice Cream Day or studying the atom bomb. However, you are studying Beatrix Potter. You can access the archives to find the information on Beatrix Potter and have a great jumping off point for further study.

The best way to truly understand what This Week in History has to offer is to sample a week! They provide a free sample week here. You can learn about the Grimm Brothers, the state of Utah, Louis XVI and more.


This Week in History is an online subscription at $9.99 monthly. The information can then be accessed via the website or you can receive it through your email. This resource is so easy to use.

You can also sign up for the free newsletter, “Inspire”.  Along with “Inspire”, several other pdf articles will be made available that you may find helpful.

Personal Thoughts:

This Week in History can be used in a variety of ways. For us, it was better utilized as an enrichment for our current studies. Resources and information supplied for Bastille Day were very appropriate as we had just finished studying the French Revolution. It was also a great way to add in some fun with focuses on things such as ice cream flavors!

With older students or students you were comfortable allowing internet access to, it could be a means of independent study on topics of interest or to help build research skills. I would, as always, advise caution in visiting links of websites that are unfamiliar. I was previewing a linked  site on the topic of ice cream and decided that it was not appropriate for our family’s viewing.

If your homeschool budget allows and you are looking for a history resource that covers a wide variety of topics and could be used in so many ways, This Week in History might be it! Make sure you head over to the Crew to see what other thought of This Week in History!

**Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Review Crew, I received a complimentary subscription to this product for the purpose of review. No compensation was made. The thoughts/opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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