Martha Ann ~ 8 months

Late. I was mentally kicking myself for posting the monthly Martha report late again. Then it dawned on me that “late” is perfectly acceptable since Little Miss went 2 weeks past her due date. She likes to be fashionably late!


I diligently tried to get the “blanket photo”. Using the same blanket with the sweet teddy bear each month to show how much Martha had grown. Hmm, Martha wasn’t overly impressed with this idea. It took three, yes, 3, of us to keep her stationary long enough to take a few photos. And a snake.

Look at that face!  Who was she looking at? Her daddy was sitting on the couch talking silly trying to keep her in one spot. Bekah was off to the side ready to grab Martha and put her back on the blanket. I was snapping pictures like crazy. Thankfully, I caught some shots that really show Martha.

When we are away from home, Martha is a different child. She doesn’t give away her smiles or giggles. She has a lovely “I’m not smiling no matter what you do ” face. Literally, we have been in the check out line at Walmart with folks behind us doing a comedy routine trying to get her to smile. She gives them nothing. Nada. Zilch.

At home? She is a giggling, laughing, chattering bundle of joy!  She has a smile that lights up the room. From the starting of the day, someone is always sharing smiles with her. She is babbling and chattering away. She really finds it funny when she destroys the latest block creation or doll’s house. Who cares when you see a face like this?

Although it seems like she is growing up too fast, Martha still enjoys cuddling and rocking. Today, I spent the afternoon holding her while she napped. Treasure the little moments! They go by so quickly. While I love watching her reach the different milestones, I am secretly delighted that she isn’t cruising around yet. Savoring the moment!

Happy 8 months, Martha Ann!

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