Back to School Pictures 2012

It crosses my mind that I should take annual pictures of my children such as back to school pictures. Then I remind myself of two things: 1 – I take pictures every Easter that can serve as my “wow, look how much they have grown this year” pictures; 2- We school year round and the schedule depends on life. Sometimes we take a month off; sometimes a week. A official date for the beginning of each school year is a bit hazy.

back to school

The Tribe

However, I was inspired by my friend, Rachel, and decided that today we would take a few school photos. We happen to have a playground near our home which was an excellent back drop for our “school photos”. I instructed the kiddos to brush their hair and grab some shoes while I whipped up a few “signs”.

Funny Faces

Funny Faces Everyone!

So here we go…..first up is Rebekah Grace. She was not impressed with school pictures. Shocking, yes? (Just click on the pics to enlarge.)

The Knitter

Rebekah Grace

Mary Elizabeth – She did not see the point in taking yearly school pictures. Love her to pieces!

Piano player

Mary Elizabeth


Benjamin Caleb –  Notice the poison ivy on his face? Day 2 of steroids – much improvement!

The Boy!

Benjamin Caleb


Lydia Ruth – More than delighted to have a photo session!

Free Thinker

Lydia Ruth


Hannah Joy – Who cares about pictures? We are going to the park!

Miss Happiness

Hannah Joy


Sarah Michal – Loves anything to do with school!

The Volcano

Sarah Michal


Samuel Isaac – Superman of the Park

Super Sam

Samuel Isaac



Little Miss Martha Ann – Who really wanted to be napping.

Little Miss

Martha Ann

A great way to spend the morning!  I think we might try a planned photo session again soon. Maybe when the beautiful colors of fall can be our backdrop.


One thought on “Back to School Pictures 2012

  1. Wonderful to see the pictures of all the children. They are all growing up so fast. Hope all of you are doing great. Miss seeing all of you. Take care.

    Anita, Daryl, Kaytlin & Kameron Hales

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