Physical Science….Preschool Edition

I love preschoolers. Love. Them. They are cute, shorter than me, and full of life. I love watching God’s creation through their eyes. Seeing the delight when they discover something new.

My Sarah Bear

The other day all of the older kiddos were in various places in the house being diligent workers. Yes, they were. Trust me. It was just Sam, Sarah and me spending some time together in the living room. Martha was roaming around the room as well. We were having a great time building different “Lego guys” and houses.


A well loved toy that fees the imagination….

After a bit of play with the blocks, I decided to toss in a bit of unofficial science. On the floor of my not so clean living room was a small wooden spoon, an empty cardboard tube from the kitchen, blocks and of course, a cuter preschooler or two.  I laid the spoon across the cardboard tube, placed a block on the spoon and then shot the block up into the air with weight quickly put on the other end of the spoon. An improvised catapult.

Setting it up for launch….

Once Sarah and Sam saw how it worked, they took over the fun. Sarah quickly realized that placement of the spoon affected how far the block would fly. She also quickly learned where she needed to be for the best shot.

Sarah…completely focused and intent.

No expensive items needed. Just your random household items tossed together creates a fun and educational opportunity!


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