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If you have been reading my blog for a bit, this name might ring a bell. Back in 2011, we reviewed the Speekee program. This program was well loved and my children were sad to no longer enjoy Speekee, Jim, Lupi and the other characters in this program. When Speekee once again became available for review, I was delighted to be chosen to use this program. Again.

Spanish for Children


Speekee: Spanish for Children is a Spanish program that uses the immersion approach in teaching children, ages 2-10, basic Spanish. The program is based on a series of 10 videos. These  10 videos will carry your child to the beach, the park, the market and more. Various interactions are shown in the videos. Speekee, the adorable puppet above, along with Jim and a group of native speaking Spanish children have conversations and experiences all while speaking Spanish. (Subtitles are available!)

Spanish for Children

Along with scenarios such as requesting orange juice or milk at the cafe, your child will also enjoy catchy songs to help them remember what they are learning.  Skills such as counting in Spanish and color names are great basic skills covered as well. Lupi and Dino are cute sock puppets that have a scene in each of the 10 videos.  After a few viewings, you will catch yourself quoting “Soy, Lupi” .  You will quickly find your child and yourself interacting while watching the videos. Your child will be seeing, hearing and speaking as they watch these videos. You might even find them moving around while singing. Involving all these senses means there will be greater retention of the Spanish!

Children ages 2-10

There are three methods of bringing Speekee into your home: Speekee DVD, Speekee at School or Speekee TV. Speekee TV allows you to view the program at your leisure via your computer or other internet connected device. All 10 episodes are available at all times so you have flexibility in how you want to view them. It provides over 150 minutes of Spanish!

Speekee TV is available through monthly or annual subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions are $7.40 per month; Annual subscription is $60. There is no minimum for the monthly so you cancel at any time. Speekee also provides a two week free trial so you can get a good feel for the program and see for yourself how much your children will enjoy it!

Speekee’s Biggest Fan

Now Speekee has  new feature great for homeschoolers! When you purchase Speekee TV, you can receive the FastTrack emails. Each month, one of the Speekee videos will be focused on; each week you will receive suggestions and activities to use with your child to help with retention and use of the Spanish being presented in the videos. From making your own Lupi and Dino sock puppets to playing cafe and ordering orange juice, you will be building your child’s Spanish vocabulary and exposure. Along with these enrichment activities, you will have links to worksheets that aid your child in writing or drawing what she is learning.

What did we think the second time around?
Speekee is still a great program! This time around Sam, 2, and Sarah, 4, were by far the biggest Speekee fans in the house. Every day they ask to watch Speekee. Sam loves how the children crawl through a play tunnel to get to their locations. Sarah is picking up a surprising amount of Spanish. She is actually using Spanish she is hearing in her conversations with me. My 6 and 9 year olds enjoy the videos as well. They remember Speekee from our first review and were excited to watch him again. They enjoy singing and helping the younger ones. I must confess that my older girls find it quite frustrating when they can’t get the Adios song out of their heads. It is a quite catchy tune and I find myself breaking out in song.

Speekee is a fun, engaging Spanish immersion program that is definitely worth trying via the free trial. You can view some helpful videos and samples here. Also head over to the Schoolhouse Review Crew to see what other families thought about Speekee!

Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received a subscription to this program for free. No compensation was made. The thoughts/opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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