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With multiple children, all at various stages of learning, it is wonderful when I can join us all together in our studies. While it doesn’t work out too well for math, it can work fabulously in other areas such as history, art studies, and read alouds. If I happen to stumble across a curricula that not only joins us all together but does all the prep work as well? I think we might have to do a happy dance, yes? Well, you might want to get ready….you might need to do a happy dance!

Unit Studies


Homeschool Legacy and Once-a-Week Unit Studies were created by Sharon Gibson, a veteran homeschool mom. As she researched various homeschool methods and philosophies, she discovered that unit studies provided creative outlets and academic success. The added benefits of spiritual and family togetherness made unit studies the perfect method for the Gibsons.

To share this educational method with other homeschool families, Homeschool Legacy has created Once-a-Week Unit Studies. These unit studies are designed to make thematic and group learning easy, fun and flexible.  All the prep work has been done for you. They are “open and go” unit studies! If you are not familiar with unit studies, you can read more here: What is a Unit Study?

Unit Study

A unit study takes a “theme” and all areas of learning come off of that theme.

Perhaps you use textbooks in your homeschool and want to incorporate more “hands on” learning or your child is interested in digging deeper on a certain topic? Taking a short “break” from your normal studies and want to focus on a specific topic? Once-a-Week Unit Studies can be used as a complete curriculum or as an addition to what you currently used. The unit studies are very flexible and can be adjusted to your particular needs!


We the People ~ a great companion to our current studies!

As a Schoolhouse Review Crew member, I have had the opportunity to use We The People: Getting to Know Your Constitution. In our history studies, we were at a point to review the constitution. When considering current events like health care reform and an election year, it seemed to be a perfect unit study to add in to our learning. We The People is full of information, resources, activities…..it is a complete and thorough study! After looking over what We The People covered, I realized that some suggestions, such as books to read, we were already planning to use. For that reason, I didn’t follow the suggested schedule but tweaked things a bit to flow more with our studies. It is working so well!

We The People is an 8 week unit study designed for grades 4-12. (Most of the Once-a-Week Unit studies are for grades 2-12 and vary from 4 – 6 weeks.) We The People has literally done all the prep work; from literature suggestions to family devotions to composition exercises. You can truly just open and go!


Family devotions to keep your studies focused on God.

Let’s take a peek into a week of We The People….first we select from the list of books what would be appropriate to assign for each child and then we also add in a family read aloud. We love read alouds! It is a great way to bring everyone together on a common topic to discuss and learn from one another. Then we spend some time in a family devotional where we look at significant men such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, seek out scripture and see how our American heritage lines up with scripture. We have a morning Bible time of reading scripture and working on memory versus so this devotional time was easy to add in. It could also be a great after dinner activity when dad is home.

You are encouraged to have your children keep a timeline; we are already doing this so we let it just flow with our current studies. You bring in research and study documents of this time period; gaining understanding. Want to add in some fun? Games like Preamble Scramble are included in We The People. A great way to offer individual or group challenges. We are a competitive bunch so timing how quickly someone could put together the preamble is fun.


Helping to bring it all together…Once-a-Week Unit Studies

One aspect I enjoyed was how We The People included areas of study where I am often weak…like art appreciation. While studying various aspects of the constitution, we take a look at Howard Chandler Christy’s Signing of the Constitution, for example. You can keep it very basic or use this as a springboard for indepth study. Documentary and field trip suggestions are made as well. Can’t take a field trip? Links for virtual field trips are provided when able.

We The People, other than requesting books from the library, was truly an “open and go” learning experience. Homeschool Legacy has done a fabulous job putting together this unit study. In 8 weeks, your family will have a better and deeper understanding of the constitution and government.  Whether you use it as a supplement or as your only history/government study, you will have a great time learning.

Pricing Information:

We the People: Getting to Know Your Constitution is $19.95. Free shipping on $50 or more.

Intrigued? Want to know more? Here are some areas at Homeschool Legacy that can provide more information on Once-a-Week Unit Studies: FAQ, Schedule, and Why use Once-A-Week studies. If you have Boy Scouts or American Heritage Girls, Once-a-Week Unit Studies can be used to help work toward badges.

A variety of unit studies are available covering topics such as: Birds of a Feather, Knights and Nobles, Horsing Around, Weather on the Move and more. Take a moment to check them out! Other members of the Schoolhouse Crew utilized different Once-a-Week Unit Studies; stop by and see what they have to say!

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Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review crew, I was provided a complimentary PDF copy of this product. No compensation was made. All thoughts/opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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