I know you love me

“Mom, I know you love me. You tell me every single night before I go to bed.”

“Yes, sweetheart, I love you.”

What a treasure; random moments of conversation. The minds of children pondering all the world around them.

Hannah, 6, always smiling

“Mom, what is toothpaste made of? I know you will know. You’ve been to the store a lot.”

Life changing conversations? Not tonight.

NC Zoo 2012

Sarah, 4, at the zoo

“We didn’t see penguins at the zoo. Why didn’t they have penguins?”

I know the conversations get harder. I know I won’t have all the answers. Or know the right thing to say.

Lydia, 9, sweetness

I pray that I will be faithful to direct them to the Word. I feel like I am often falling short. I will try harder. Be more diligent. Set the example.When I don’t know, when I’m confused, when I’m searching for an answer…I will go to the Word.


Sunset taken by Bekah

“Thus says the Lord who made it, the Lord who formed it to establish it (the Lord is His name): ‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’ Jeremiah 33: 2-3


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  1. Your daughters are so adorable, and your post so true! Stopping over from the crew, now a new follower!! It’s always great to meet someone with more kiddos than I have!! Wishing you a blessed weekend!


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