What’s Happening?

The day begins with the pitter patter of little feet. Some mornings, Sarah comes in early (she is a super early bird!) and asks for a pillow so she can camp out on our floor while she waits for us to wake up. Then the hustle and bustle of the morning routine begins; getting dressed, making beds, cooking breakfast, braiding hair…… Before we know it, time for lunch has arrived! Then I think of all the picture moments I missed! I have purposed to keep the camera charged and ready to capture more of those moments.

Living Books

Lydia – 9

Today, I”m on a break for the busyness. Martha is needing extra cuddling today so we are a bit off schedule. Caleb and Eddie are doing some yard work, some are playing Legos, others are knitting or reading. I’m trying to organize school papers but Martha needed rocking. I’m sitting by the window watching the men hard at work.

Hannah – 6

Since I’m sitting and rocking, what better to do than to share a few “What’s Happening?” moments with you. A little glimpse of what a homeschool family of 10 might be doing through out the day. The above started off as a “wash the dog” event and turned in to a “let’s get everyone soaking wet” event. Soon enough the weather will be too cold for a spontaneous afternoon of water play. And the dog did get clean!

Rod and Staff Preschool

Sarah – 4

Sarah has been asking politely (begging) for quite some time to “do school” with the older kiddos.  We have used Rod and Staff Preschool Workbooks in the past so I ordered some for Sarah. She loves them! She keeps me busy!

Martha – 10 months

While we are gathered at the table doing exciting learning like math, Martha is never far away. She loves to get under the table and visit from chair to chair. Happy girl!

Little People

Sam – 2

I know it might be hard to believe, but sometimes the little ones just need a break. On this day, Sam was having a hard time being happy. I grabbed a few Little People and put Sam at the kitchen counter so he could play alone and be under my watchful eye. It was just the break he needed to have a great day!


Wooden blocks. I love wooden blocks! The scope for imagination is unlimited. I have no idea who took this picture but I think this was Hannah’s creation. I really need to look in to adding to our wooden block stash. With more little hands to build, the blocks run out quickly.

Bekah – 13

What’s happening? Life. What does a snapshot of life look like at your house right now?

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