Making Memories for Dinner

We have enjoyed lovely, mild weather for the past few weeks. After a summer of hot and humid days, the perfect weather days were such a blessing. Hurricane Sandy has blown those lovely, mild weather days away and we are now dealing with cold and wet!

Our back deck decorated with fall leaves.

Thankfully, we are only dealing with some wind and rain with the cold temperatures. Great encouragement to stay inside where it was warm and dry!  With no temptation to relax outdoors, we started our Monday off with the normal daily grind ….you know, things like Algebra, laundry, and science.

Nothing says Happy Monday like starting Algebra 1!

My husband’s schedule was a bit different on Monday, so after having our “big meal” at lunch, it was just going to be the kiddos and me for dinner. You know what that means, right? A simple, easy, snacky type meal. They love it; especially those who are on clean up.

Caleb, a bit chilled, was helping Sam stay out of trouble.

Time was passing quickly on this cold, dreary Monday. I kept thinking how it was the perfect “bake a cookie” kind of day. Before I knew it the kiddos were asking for snack and I realized that it was almost time for dinner! So much for the cookies, right?

My younger girls dreaming up exciting adventures.

Hmmm, a rainy Monday just begs for a bit of excitement, right? I decided that this Monday was the perfect day for making memories for dinner. With a bit of help from my Algebra loving Bekah, we gathered up the ingredients, whipped up a batch of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, poured some glasses of milk and served a meal of memories and yumminess.

Oh, yeah. Cookies.

I’m almost positive that in less than 2 bites, I was declared “the best mom in the world”. Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without all the little people. *insert a graceful bow*

Martha didn’t quite understand what she was suppose to be eating.

Let me put your mind at ease in case you are concerned about the nutritional health of my children. They had been served a healthy breakfast and lunch that day. Cookies were not the only food available for them; we had apples, cheese, almonds, etc for them to add to their plates. However, one meal of cookies and milk on a cold, wet Monday is not a cause for concern. It was special treat. It was making memories for dinner.

Mary so happy I was taking her picture. Really, she was.

It is all too easy to find ourselves caught up in the daily grind. We cook the meals, do the laundry, explain long division…again. Sometimes we need to shake things up….be spontaneous…make memories for dinner instead of meatloaf.   What memories are you cooking up?


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