The Zoo – The Silly Edition

Hanging on….

The helicopter at the elephant tracking station was a temptation we couldn’t resist. Caleb is always ready to join in the silliness.

No matter where we were at, I couldn’t get a better shot of the rhinos. I keep telling Eddie that I am going to print this for our bathroom…his and hers. Giggle.

The elusive red headed crazy man.

Amazing how no matter where we were at the zoo, we kept spotting the red headed crazy man.


Sam wasn’t impressed with the dinosaurs even though Caleb showed him that they were harmless and fake.

Sam’s reaction to the dinosaur exhibit

Sam was really not impressed with the dinosaurs. He quickly went from covering his ears to running.  However, once he was home…..the talked about how he loved the dinosaurs. Okie dokie.


Nothing funny about this one…but an excellent shot to end on! We so enjoyed our trip to the NC Zoo. Can’t wait until we can go again.

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