Happy Birthday, Boys!

Caleb, 11 & Sam, 3

November is our birthday day month with 5 birthdays to celebrate and remember. Sam’s birthday is November 11th and Caleb is on the 12th. Thankfully, they are happy to share their celebration!


The boys not only share the birthday celebration; they share a love of Legos, laughter and energy! I love my boys!


Caleb is a wonderful young man. He loves going to work with his dad and does an amazing job. Whenever I need him to kill a bug, find what is causing a bad smell or if I need a hug, Caleb is the one for the job. He is hilarious and witty. Life is boring when he is not around.

Time to Eat!

Sam didn’t really care about the birthday meal as long as there was cake. Caleb had requested for months to have ham, corn and sweet peas. It was a delicious meal that he couldn’t even finish eating. He had a terrible sinus infection. We didn’t even have the birthday cake until 2 days later!

The Boys

You can see how badly Caleb feels in the above picture. Thankful he is feeling better! They both had a great birthday. They are both planning on adding to their Lego stash with a bit of birthday money.


Happy Birthday, Caleb and Sam!

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