Little Miss 11 Months!

11 Months!!

I blinked and she grew! Martha is a bundle of sweetness….on the move!  She reminds me of Bekah. I can move so out of my way! Once she started walking she was a bit cautious but now she is walking everywhere. Martha loves to be in the kitchen cabinets.

Where’s Martha?

As you can see, her talents are quite amazing. Naturally she has a fan club.  Life stops to watch Martha and cheer her n. She loves nothing more than a game of peek a boo! She also enjoys a good read and cuddling. Did I mention Legos? Yes, she loves to join in when the “big Legos” come out.

Silly Girl!

Martha can also be quite chatty when she is home. But out and about? She still puts on her game face. She is a treasure! Hard to believe she will be a year next month!


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